Map Shows The Most Popular Game In All 50 States

League of Legends

A recent study has been conducted to determine which online games are played the most across the United States. Surprisingly, the list isn't all that varied, as it looks like gamers like to find their groove and just stick with it. And for you geography fans in the audience, there's even a map to highlight the results.

Over on, they decided to create a map that shows off which online game is played most in all 50 states. I hope you aren't anticipating a patchwork of titles here, as it turns out that two games we already knew were insanely popular basically dominate the entire country. Going in, I half expected to see maybe a Call of Duty or even Clash of Clans from mobile pop up but, no, it looks like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, proving my theory correct that all you need to do to have a big hit on your hand is call your game Location/Group "of" Cool Word.

Here's a look at that map. In case you're having trouble reading it, everything in gold is World of Warcraft while everything in gray is League of Legends. And no, your eyes do not deceive you. Those are literally the only two colors on the map. In other words, the most-played online game in all 50 states is either one or the other.

That's a pretty impressive image when you think about it, and it goes a long way to show why so many developers have tried to craft the next mega-hit in either the MMO or MOBA genre. World of Warcraft has been around since the dawn of time and League of Legends isn't exactly a spring chicken. In other words, both of those games continue to bring people back for more, which is pretty impressive when you think about how many games are coming out on a regular basis.

So how did the folks at come up with these results? Since hard numbers are difficult to come by, the actually relied on Google, pulling the top search data from over the past five years. Other games were included in the study, including those mentioned above and titles like FIFA, DOTA and, a more recent entry, Overwatch. Over every game they researched, though, the "two clear winners" were those that paint the map gold and gray.

It's interesting to note that stuck with the online genre in particular. As noted in their study, Minecraft crushes the competition across the board regardless of state and genre, further proving that the build-it-yourself adventure game is just unstoppable.

Given the rise in popularity of more recent games, we'd be interested to see if this map changes in the coming years. We expect Overwatch might claim a state or two somewhere down the line. For now, though, it looks like gamers certainly have their comfort foods and they're sticking to them.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.