In case you completely forgot about it or have just been too swamped through most of the weekend, there's still time to join the battle in the For Honor beta. If you want to see how the game plays before its big launch, this is your final chance.

As the folks at Gamespot were kind enough to remind us, today is the final day for the For Honor open beta. That means that if you are reading this anytime after Feb. 12, then you're already too late. Not to worry, though, because the game's full launch is this Tuesday, Feb. 14, meaning you can just go out and pick up the full game rather than celebrate, um, Valentine's Day or whatever.

As we reported earlier, there were several ways to snag that For Honor open beta client, with a slightly different process for folks who played the closed beta and still had the client, gamers who played the early beta and had deleted the client, and those who were coming into the beta fresh. If you're still confused about how to get in on the action, we'd suggest hitting up that original post for a quick refresher.

Your first major enemy here is going to be time. The client for the For Honor beta is nearly 20GB in size, from what we're hearing, and we imagine that download is going to take up a pretty good chunk of time no matter how good your internet connection is. If, however, you downloaded the client and just got sidetracked, then there's no time like the present to join in For Honor's massive brand of warfare.

In the game, players will be given the chance to pick between three factions of warriors including the samurai, the Vikings and the knights. Each group has its own strengths, weaknesses and play styles, as well as arsenals and tactics.

Once you pick a side, you can drop in on a fight that pits oodles of players from each side against one another to find out who reigns supreme. As for what you can expect out of the beta, its offerings are actually pretty impressive. Once you dive in, you'll have access to three of each faction's four warrior types. You'll also be able to check out six of the game's maps and four of the game modes. There are 4v4 versions of Elimination and Domination currently available, as well as a 2v2 brawl and the always popular 1v1 Duel. If you're wanting to put your best For Honor skills to the test against folks who are convinced they are better than you, that last one is definitely worth checking out. But maybe get good at the game first, yeah?

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