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rebel throws fire-bomb in Homefront: The Revolution

If Homefront: The Revolution has managed to hold your interest for about the past year, then your patience is being rewarded with the game's third and final piece of DLC content, Beyond the Walls. The game is getting some extra goodies, too.

According to the Homefront blog, via Polygon, the teams at Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver are gearing up to conclude the story of The Revolution in March. When the game launched last May, it had a season pass boasting three post-launch pieces of content for $24.99. Back in September the team launched The voice of Freedom DLC with Aftermath hitting in November. Both could be purchased individually for $5.99, too. The developer has stated in the past that this third and final DLC chapter will be more substantial than the previous offerings, which might explain the longer wait between offerings. What we know for sure is that Beyond the Walls is due out next month, bringing the tale of the latest Homefront game to a close.

This is all speculation, but based on the name of the DLC and the promise that it will be more substantial than the previous bundles, we're thinking this latest chunk of story will have players fighting to free themselves from the oppressive cityscape that has become their prison. Maybe we'll even get to explore those fabled lands "beyond the walls" before wrapping things up. Unfortunately, Dambuster has been pretty quiet with the details, so blind guesses is all we have to offer at this time.

But once Homefront gets that new DLC, it'll be receiving some other spiffy new upgrades, too. For starters, when it's ready for launch, a patch for PS4 Pro support will also be made available. The spring update will also include high dynamic range color for the PS4 version of the game, which should help it look better than ever. No word yet on if similar support for the Xbox One S will be available, though we'd be surprised to see them do for one and not the other.

Finally, the tam has announced that a trial version of Homefront will soon be available on consoles. Homefront is also available on PC, but apparently that crowd is getting left out of the party. No details are available outside of the fact that players on the PS4 and Xbox One will get to play some of the game for free. We're guessing this will fall in line with a recent and popular trend of giving folks a timed period to literally do whatever they want in the full game. If you like what you see, a purchase will allow you to continue. If not, make with the deleting. Again, no specifics yet, so we're just making an educated guess.

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