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New Final Fantasy 7 Still Show The Remake's Graphics

Two stills image from the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII have been released to the public. Tetsuya Nomura, the visual mastermind behind a lot of Square's biggest games, is currently hard at work on the remake of Final Fantasy VII and the new images give gamers a bit of something to chew on during the long wait for release.

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The first still was posted up on the official Final Fantasy Twitter account, featuring Cloud taking cover behind a crate in what looks like some sort of shipyard. Boxes and crates are lined up on the side of the screen while tall, towering beams loom overhead. Floodlights beam down overhead while a soldier with a rifle shoots at Cloud.

There isn't much to take away from the still other than that we see a command menu where player scan choose to attack, use magic, use Materia or use an item. This seems to indicate that the turn-based structure from the original Final Fantasy VII will be making a return in some way. The comment thread had some interesting responses, as a lot of people were curious about whether or not the combat system would be similar to Final Fantasy XV or closer to Kingdom Hearts. Square has yet to offer details so we still don't quite know, but some people are hopeful, others are cautiously optimistic, where-as a few more are reluctantly pessimistic.

Either way, that wasn't the only still that gamers were treated to of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The official account for Square's most popular JRPG also let loose a second still from the Magic Monaco event, giving gamers a look at some more of the combat system featuring Barrett and Cloud.

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The second image actually caused more confusion than the first.

In the image we see a boss monster targeting the ground for its fire attacks. Cloud is running out of the line of, fire while also targeting the monster. We see that over his head is a Triangle prompt, which could mean for him to use a special, to attack, or to perform some other action. He has three gauges, one of which is his health (the blue bar) another for his SP/stamina (the white bar) and a third bar in the corner just above his health, which could be for a special charge attack.

This time we see that the battle menu has a "Command" option. It appears as if players will be able to cycle through different options during battle. From the looks of it the menu might actually be a command menu for Cloud's AI companions.

Some people are kind of worried because old-school fans still want the classic turn-based structure from the original Final Fantasy VII while others are hoping for a free-form battle system like in Final Fantasy XV.

It's difficult to glean much from the images given their resolution, and the Japanese text is hard to make out. In one still it appears to be saying that the battle is an evening attack taking place against a giant crab enemy, but that doesn't really explain the battle mechanics.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development and there is no release date in sight for the title.

Will Usher

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