One person posted a video showing a new way to play Doom, but it's expensive and probably ill-advised for anyone to try it at home. The method has been posted online to give gamers a crazy look into playing Doom in a way that you probably never expected to see.

The video tutorial for playing Doom in a Porsche was posted up on the YouTube channel vexal. The video has already garnered nearly 300,000 views since it was posted yesterday on February 19th. Pretty impressive, eh?

In the video it's explained that you'll need a working Porsche 911 (probably a convertible), an original disc copy of Doom and a USB drive containing a debug mode for running software through the OS of a Porsche 911. He places the disc into the Porsche's CD drive after loading up the debugged OS through the USB port located in the dash compartment.

Vexal goes through explaining that a lot of the standard functions of the vehicle are mapped to standard keyboard commands. You probably know what comes next. He boots up Doom and proceeds to explain the controls: Honking fires the weapon. Gear shifting changes the weapon. Turning left and right with the steering wheel turns Doom Guy left and right. Accelerating moves forward.

With the controls outlined and the rules explained, vexal proceeds to demonstrate how to play Doom with a Porsche 911.

The parody video reminds me of something you would see out of the 1990s: The glasses, the outfit, using a CD-ROM, and... Doom.

The comment section is a mixture of jokes, disbelief, questions, and a lot of disappointment that the toaster wasn't used in some way to help make the whole thing work. Someone quipped "It's for playing Crysis".

Vexal takes it all in stride, though, making jokes in the comment section and playing up the "reality" of this way of playing the game.

The whole thing is done in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

If you really could play Doom through a Porsche 911 dashboard, it would be a pretty silly way to play Doom. I mean more than anything you would probably want to use it with a Lotus Elise since you can get more rotation out of the steering for maneuvering the Doom Guy around.

But, in all seriousness, definitely don't try this at home. Besides, if you really want to play Doom in your car you may as well just load it up on your tablet or phone and duck tape it to your windshield. It would be the exact same thing. Of course, you would have to deal with trying to maneuver in the game and driving at the same time, but it would be the equivalent of trying to play Doom using your Porsche 911 during rush hour traffic. I'm also pretty sure Le Mans racers would do pretty good using the setup, though.

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