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We realize some people take their graphics cards very seriously, but none quite so seriously as one Russian man who, in arguing comparisons with a friend, resorted to murder.

Which graphics processor is the best, Nvidia or AMD? It's a question plenty of computer enthusiasts have argued time and time again but, in the end, folks usually either agree to disagree or maybe one party manages to convince the other party to see things their way. We had trouble envisioning such a trivial argument ever getting too heated, much less coming to blows, but one man has proven us way, way wrong. As Fraghero is reporting, just such a disagreement concluded with one guy actually killing someone he apparently called a friend.

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This seriously messed up story comes to us from Saransk, Russia, where a couple of old work buddies decided to go out for drinks about a year ago. As the story goes, the evening's catch-up session turned to PC processors, specifically Nvidia versus AMD. This all happened about a year ago, with the sentencing finally taking place recently. We'll get to the results in just a moment.

Over the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the guys had been a bit drunk and, when one of the guys couldn't convince his pal that AMD was the better brand, he struck him in the head twice. That apparently wasn't enough for the guy, as he then proceeded to stab his friend 11 times.

Even with alcohol involved, we're a little shocked to discover that the punishment for this crime is only nine years behind bars. Keep in mind that the whole grisly affair was sparked by a disagreement over a couple pieces of computer hardware, too. Add to that the fact that it wasn't an accidental murder. He didn't just punch his friend, who fell and hit his head or something. The guy struck him twice and then stabbed him nearly a dozen times. Again, over a dadgum graphics processor argument.

We get that laws vary all over the world, but it's a little hard for us to stomach that the guy who did this will be walking the streets in less than 10 years. Again, drunk or not, he's got some serious issues.

If nothing else, maybe this will help serve as a reminder that things can, and sometimes do, get way out of hand when folks get heated about things they're passionate about. Arguments are fine. Heck, they're healthy, in their own way. But they're never worth getting so worked up over that the unthinkable happens. I know that might be hard to accept when you've got a foul-mouthed opponent yelling in your ear during a round of League of Legends or Call of Duty but, again, they're just words. So, next time you get involved in an Nvidia versus AMD conversation, please remember to try and keep things civil.

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