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supergirl, batman and superman pose in injustice 2

The Injustice 2 roster is gearing up to expand once again and, for those of you who can't wait to find out who will be entering the fray, you don't have much longer to remain in the dark. It sounds like we'll be getting some fresh details later this week.

Over on the Injustice 2 blog, they've got quite a collection of character reveals and trailers collected for the upcoming fighting game at this point. Still, you can never have too many super-powered heroes and villains duking it out, so NetherRealm Studios has made it clear that at least one more brawler will be signing up to participate.

While we don't know who they have planned for the reveal, we at least know when we'll be getting those all-important details. According to the announcement, the Injustice 2 family will expand this Thursday, March 2. Assuming this follows the same formula as past reveals, we expect to see a spiffy new trailer showing off our latest fighter in all their glory.

NetherRealm and Warner Bros. have done a pretty great job of getting everyone excited for this second entry in the Injustice franchise. The game was first revealed nearly a year ago at E3 2016, complete with an announcement trailer and early hands-on gameplay. They made it clear that the story will continue from the first Injustice, but the big change will be in the Injustice 2 upgrade system. The tagline for the game is that "every battle defines you," referring to the fact that, as you play and level up with a character, you will continuously unlock items to equip to your favorite brawlers that not only change their appearance, but also tweak their abilities. These will be subtle changes, of course, but the idea is that your version of Batman will be quite a bit different from my version of Batman, helping make online battles more interesting and varied than ever.

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Along with last week's rad story trailer, NetherRealm has been keeping the hype train rolling for Injustice 2 over the past year. While plenty of fan favorites from the first game will make their triumphant return, additional DC characters have also been revealed for this second outing. New characters include the likes of both Supergirl and Poison Ivy, as well as Black Canary, Atrocitus and Blue Beetle. Perhaps our favorite reveal to date, though, is the unexpected inclusion of Swamp Thing. While we'd be perfectly happy with a standard cape-wearing DC staple, we've got our fingers crossed that this week's new reveal for Injustice 2 will be another addition straight out of left field.