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League of Legends heroes charge forward

The folks over at Riot Games recently had reason to celebrate, winning a major lawsuit over a website built on the idea of helping League of Legends players cheat the system. We've all heard the adage that "cheaters never prosper" and, in this particular case, you could also add the phrase, "in fact, they sometimes end up paying. A lot. Like, a whole lot."

That would be $10 million to be exact, coming out of the pocket of a website known as "LeagueSharp" and finding its way to the company they were cheating, Riot Games. As Gameinformer is reporting, this whole debacle started about a year ago, when League of Legends creator Riot Games sued LeagueSharp for cheating on a grand scale, making money off of their game and helping others do the same. Riot apparently tried to settle out of court, but then LeagueSharp started playing super dirty, releasing all kinds of information about a Riot employee and even resulting to threats. When things escalated, they apparently tried to get rid of all of the incriminating evidence, but that's a pretty tricky thing to accomplish when you're being a monster on the internet.

So what, exactly, did they do that was worth $10 million? Well, the LeagueSharp website was built on the idea that players could by scripts for $15 to $50 that would give them an insanely unfair edge in League of Legends. In short, these scripts allowed the user's computer to execute a series of commands at a rate that normal people would never be able to accomplish, allowing them to cheat in order to win.

The real rub here, isn't just that there was cheating going on, but what happened after boatloads of said cheating. Some enterprising jerks figured out that they could buy these scripts, use them to power-level heroes in League of Legends, and then sell them to other players at a higher cost. Sadly, there are apparently a lot of people out there who would rather fork over a boatload of money to get their hands on a fully upgraded League character than put in the work (and fun, dammit) to reach that accomplishment themselves.

So not only was LeagueSharp helping people cheat, but they were making a boatload of cash off of their actions. And when Riot took legal action, they were dumb enough to go on a trolling spree. Once all of that was said and done, they did everything they could to appear as though things were on the up and up, including retreating under a shell corporation that exists specifically to legally protect them. Thankfully, none of that worked, and the court found in favor of Riot and awarded them $10 million in the process. On top of all of that, they were given full control of LeagueSharp's websites, which no longer operate, obviously. The company's last act was to post a message apologizing to League of Legends players for any harm they may have caused the community.

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