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Lawbreakers is gearing up to make an appearance at PAX East this weekend, but that doesn't mean you have to be on the showroom floor to get your hands on the game bright and early. Boss Key Productions has revealed that a beta is inbound, too.

Over on the Lawbreakers official website, they've announced that on top of a showing at this weekend's PAX event, the upcoming arena shooter from Cliff Bleszinski will have a beta running from March 16-19. So just one week after folks get an eye full of the game in Boston, everyone will have an opportunity to play the game themselves.

According to the announcement, this beta and the version on display at PAX will be the latest build of Lawbreakers, with tweaks made to the game and its systems based on player feedback following last year's alpha. These changes include characters that offer a bigger variety of play styles, game balance tweaks, more maps, etc.

The beta will run on Steam, but you need to sign up for a chance to be invited to play. You can do that by hopping over to the game's official website, where there's a big, red, "Sign up for Beta" button in the top right corner. Hopefully, they'll be letting plenty of folks in for this limited test of the game.

For even more details on Lawbreakers, Bleszinski and communications manager Rohan Rivas got together to make a brief video giving an update on the studio for 2017.

As the duo explains, Lawbreakers has been in the works for several years now, with the team working through test phases and hands-on sessions at events like PAX to get it ready for prime time. Clearly, they're doing a lot of work to nail things down before the big launch. With the beta set for next week, we're hoping said launch is drawing much, much closer.

But that's not it for the info dump. The team will actually have a panel at PAX this Friday, March 10, at 9 p.m. EST. It's called "Road to Beta," so we imagine they'll be doing a pretty thorough job of taking viewers through the development process from design on up to next weekend's big play session on Steam. The event will be followed by a meet and greet with the dev team, so it might be worth checking out if you're planning on attending PAX.

It looks like Lawbreakers is coming along well, but it's nice to know we won't have to rely on looks for much longer. We're looking forward to finally getting our hands on the game in the upcoming beta.

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