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Superman armored up in Injustice 2

Believe it or not, NetherRealm Studios isn't done yet when it comes to revealing new characters for Injustice 2. In fact, their latest reveal will take place a lot sooner than you think and from a place you probably didn't expect to see it happen.

Creative director Ed Boon at NetherRealm Studios revealed on Twitter that the next character will get the spotlight on Xavier Woods' YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown.

The channel is a gaming focused outlet from the WWE superstar that dives deep into hardcore game culture. Xavier Woods oftentimes has wrestlers and other popular gaming personalities on to discuss their childhood growing up playing games, and what some of their favorite games are. One of the most surprising episodes was Big Show breaking down the best classes to use in Destiny and which equipment sets are best suited for PvP and PvE. I'm not ashamed to say that the Big Show knows a heck of a lot more about Destiny than I ever will, and he offered some deep knowledge on the subject matter.

However, in this case anyone who watches UpUpDownDown knows that Woods is a huge FGC fan and he's regularly attended events, gathered up advice from e-sports greats like Justin Wong and Gotenks, and also battled arch rival Kenny Omega at the CEO 2016 event last year in Street Fighter V.

Xavier Woods has regularly discussed upgrading his skills in fighting games, and many of the top fighting titles from those like Capcom and NetherRealm are featured on the channel, alongside other competitive games like EA Sports UFC 2. So it makes perfect sense that with an audience of nearly 1 million subscribers they would unveil the next new character for Injustice 2 through the UpUpDownDown channel.

Just recently NetherRealm unveiled four other characters, including Green Lanters, Green Arrow, Reverse Flash, and Captain Cold. They were all briefly showcased during the second part of the story trailer for Injustice 2. So I'm really curious who they might add next. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it looks like Reverse Flash will have a significant part in the upcoming story, which should be exciting for fans of the CW show based on the DC speedster.

I'm also a little surprised they haven't dipped more into Wonder Woman's rogue gallery of characters, as they've focused more on Batman and Superman's villains than anything. It would also be nice to see more of Green Lantern's villains make an appearance or a few more of Aquaman's supporting cast pop up, such as Mera or Black Manta.

Heck, then again maybe that's who they'll unveil next this upcoming Monday? With the entire DC Universe at their disposal and blessings from their publisher Warner Bros., NetherRealm can dive deep and pull out just about anybody, sort of like the surprise entrants of Swamp Thing and Dr. Fate joining the cast of heroes and villains in Injustice 2.

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