Even though BioWare cancelled the public multiplayer beta test for Mass Effect: Andromeda, it doesn't mean gamers can't see what the multiplayer is like through secondhand video. They recently released a new promo piece going in depth about Andromeda's multiplayer.

Over on the official Mass Effect YouTube channel, they unleashed a five and a half minute long video covering the multiplayer aspects. They reveal that the game maintains the four-player cooperative feature from Mass Effect 3 and players will be able to select their character and class, as well as the map.

The lobby screen will show who is hosting, what the squad looks like, and a series of options on the side. You can alter the mission settings, select your character, customize your loadout, check your prestige or purchase items from the cash shop.

There's also a status bar showing the mission type, the map, enemy and the difficulty, so the lobby gives you everything you need right there in one screen.

The video for Mass Effect: Andromeda explains that there are 25 characters available to choose from at the launch of the game. You can choose from 40 different weapons at start and the weapons come from the Milky Way, Helius Cluster and Remnant regions.

Each of the 40 weapons can also be used by any character class, and each of the weapons can also be upgraded.

They plan on rolling out additional weapons and character classes in the future.

They dive into Mass Effect: Andromeda's survival mode, showing off how the sniper rifle works, as well as some teamwork gameplay showcasing how flanking and combo attacks can be used to quickly take down the Remnant enemies.

The video also reveals that during the launch of the game, there will be five maps available to play across. There is Fire Base Sandstorm, Fire Base Zero, Fire Base Icebreaker, Fire Base Magma and Fire Base Derelict.

They've designed the multiplayer so that the game isn't designed to be competitive but cooperative, so that the more players work together and earn rewards the more players help each other out.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will also allow players to earn rewards and goodies from the single-player mode through the multiplayer by utilizing the Strike Team feature. This allows players to send out AI teams to complete missions across the five maps. Alternatively, if you don't care at all about the multiplayer you can just ignore it altogether. Even still, you don't lose anything by sending out the strike teams, but you certainly gain something from having them complete missions.

The multiplayer actually looks like an extremely solid portion of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and it was one of the most popular aspects of Mass Effect 3. So we'll see how well it works out when the game launches on March 21st.

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