Whenever a game uses microtransactions there's going to be complaints. It happens. In the case of For Honor, there's a bit of a conundrum that has popped up and Ubisoft's response to the situation leaves a lot to be desired.

VG 24/7 is reporting that Ubisoft has responded to people complaining about the microtransactions in For Honor, which was tallied up to cost around $732, according to previous reports. Well, what did Ubisoft have to say about the matter? Game director Damien Kieken said...

We never had an intention for you to unlock everything in the game.

Kieken goes on to compare For Honor to games like World of Warcraft, saying that you would never try to unlock "everything for all the characters" in Blizzard's popular MMORPG. Although, to be fair, I'm sure there are some people out there who have attempted to unlock everything for the characters out there.

For Honor

Kieken also compares For Honor to MOBA titles, saying that players usually aren't trying to unlock everything for every character in a MOBA title. Although, I'm pretty sure there are people attempting to unlock everything in games like Overwatch, since that's pretty much the only goal for the game if you aren't into the whole eSports thing.

According to the developer, however, they only expected gamers to take on the role of one to three different characters, so they positioned unlockables around the concept of them being end-game content for people who have been playing for more than a few weeks.

In a way, what Kieken is saying is true: you usually aren't encouraged to unlock everything for every character in some games.

However, not every game is designed to be a grind-fest. In the previous report, not only would it cost three quarters of $1,000 to unlock everything with real money, but it would also take 2.5 years to unlock everything using the in-game currency if you only played For Honor casually.

If you contrast this to a game like Mortal Kombat, it's a far cry from how both games are setup to allow you to unlock things for the characters. From Mortal Kombat: Armageddon up until Mortal Kombat XL, the unlock progression is fairly reasonable and it's something that would take months for all the characters, not years. I was able to unlock a good deal of content in just a few play sessions in the newer Mortal Kombat titles, and it honestly doesn't feel much like grinding.

However, if you want something cool in a game like For Honor, or you want to unlock everything, there's a pretty obvious grind mechanic there so that if you don't have time or don't want to spend time grinding, you pay real money to unlock the cosmetics and stuff. Essentially, it's designed as a way to keep revenue coming in for the game long after the $60 purchase.

Some gamers feel this is a horse and carrot situation and aren't fond of it. Others don't mind because they feel Ubisoft has to make money and it's a legitimate way to do so. The real question becomes: Is it fun grinding in For Honor for the microtransactions and cosmetics or does it feel like work? Because if it's fun, then it's all good. If it feels like work, then it's not all good.

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