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NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros., released a new trailer for the upcoming DC Universe fighting game, Injustice 2. The trailer focuses entirely on the villains in the game, giving gamers an idea of who they'll be facing off against in the game's story mode.

The trailer was posted up over on the official Injustice YouTube channel, and it clocks in at just under two minutes. It starts off featuring Gorilla Grodd giving a beat-down to Green Lantern and the Flash. We then get a look at the new and improved version of Bane, as he beats down Firestarter and Wonder Woman.

The trailer doesn't stay stationary for long as it moves along at a brisk pace, highlighting Captain Cold, who has some of the sickest looking chain special combos in Injustice 2. The way he can basically keep doing light jabs into a freeze and then light jab his opponent and then freeze them again while combining it into a throw -- it's magnificent. If you can master that combination it seems like Captain Cold could be a surprise top tier character in the FGC tournament scene.

We then get a look at a completely revamped Scarecrow, who is a towering, lean looking monster of a man. He has a strange design with a noose around his neck, a tattered overcoat that's barely there, and a glowing, flaming mask. It's hard to tell which iteration of the Scarecrow is creepier between this one and the one from Batman: Arkham Knight.

Regardless of what you think of his appearance, his use of that chain-whip is off the hook (pun intended). He uses it very similarly to the jiu jie bian nine-section whip, but compensates for the hook at the end, as opposed to the way Wonder Woman uses her whip, which is also similar to the Shaolin wushu style.

It's nice to see that NetherRealm has included some of the Mortal Kombat martial arts in Injustice 2, since it gives the game a little bit of extra color in the way the characters are displayed, and certainly adds to the flavor of the fight as far as entertainment values are concerned.

The trailer centers itself around these four villains, each with their own unique designs based on NetherRealm's interpretation of them.

I don't know exactly how I feel about Bane... he may have to grow on me. I like that they kept a somewhat militaristic, mercenary design to his garb, but infused it with the tubes keeping the Venom flowing through his body.

What's also interesting is that there's so much Venom that he has exhausts for it to regulate his body. My only gripe is that the design for the upper body and helmet looks a little generic compared to Nolan's take on the character and Rocksteady's over-the-top rendition of Bane in the Arkham series. Hopefully, with the customization options, we'll get to see something that seems a little more unique to Bane.

You can look for Injustice 2 to launch on May 16th for Xbox One and PS4.

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