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Saints Row 2

Deep Silver and Volition have given gamers an opportunity to experience Saints Row 2 for free for a limited time. You can download a copy of the game right now if you head on over to and pick up a DRM-free version of the open-world action title.

The game is currently free right now on Marked down 100% from its usual $9.99 price tag. You can also get it as part of a Saints Row series bundle for $24.45, marked down by 61%.

You won't have long to get in on these deals. The deal ends on April 22nd, so you'll have up until the start of Saturday to get the game for free. All you have to do is register an account and click on the "Get it Here" tab on the main store page... and bam! You'll get the game for free.

Additionally, you'll be able to pick up digital copies of Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 for up to 75% off the normal price on, along with a deep discount on the standalone DLC, Saints Row 4: Gat out of Hell.

Personally, I think they have the right game available for free. Saints Row 2 is still my favorite game out of the entire series, and it's the only Saints Row game I've replayed at least four to five times. The story in that game was pretty tight, and it was just over-the-top enough to be absurd, but it was also grounded enough to make you care about the characters.

Unlike the latter games in the Saints Row series, Saints Row 2 was fixated on the drama and tension generated between The Saints and their attempt to take over Stilwater. Arguably the second game in the series is the only one that really measures up to and -- in some ways -- surpasses GTA. It allowed full character customization for male and female protagonists, it allowed for full vehicle customization, it sported a semi non-linear story progression mechanic that allowed players to pick and choose which missions they did next to move the story forward, and the characters in Saints Row 2 were far more likable than the way they were portrayed in the last two games.

Some of the other highlights of Saints Row 2 were that the mini-games were actually fun and diverse. They had a cool selection of different tasks to complete around Stilwater without them compensating for the actual story missions like in Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4. For instance, they incorporated the fighting system into a prison break sequence, and they also added things like throwing bums through shacks as part of the clean-up effort for the Saints to build back up their home base.

The game wasn't just all mini-games and goofiness, though. There were some serious character threads, especially involving Gat and the Ronin, and Shaundi and the Sons of Samedi. There's also a revenge plot involving a former member of the Saints who ended up joining the police force. The game manages to maintain its humor but it strikes a serious tone at times and juxtaposes it with some awesome gameplay.

Be sure to grab a copy while it's free... DRM-free to be exact.

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