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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare figures

Bethesda seems to have taken Fallout into the mainstream since the release of Fallout 4 back in 2015, along with the uber-popular mobile game Fallout Shelter. The company is now following up that momentum with a brand new way to play Fallout... as a tabletop game.

Over on Modiphius, a hobbyist site featuring games and collectible gear, they have an image of figurines and miniatures from the Fallout franchise as part of their upcoming Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop game due for release soon.

Modiphius is known for offering tabletop gamers plenty of role-playing experiences based on popular properties and franchises, ranging from Star Trek to Conan The Barbarian, and now they're adding Fallout to their illustrious line-up of tabletop offerings.

They don't detail exactly what will come in the package, but we do get an idea of what the set will look like thanks to an image of the figurines set against a white background where things like the Nuka Cola machine are positioned between a fearsome Deathclaw with out-stretched arms and an open jaw where it's attempting to devour whatever is in front of it. We also see some bandits, a Minuteman prepping to fire off a pistol round, and an Eyebot lurking in the air just behind him.

The figures seem to represent more of the style and appearance of the creatures and characters from Fallout 4, which is no surprise given that the game was a boon for Bethesda when it launched a couple of years ago. The game was treated like a major AAA property, moving units and garnering hype as if it were Call of Duty, Battlefield or Star Wars.

But the figurine collection doesn't end there. We also see a member from the Brotherhood of Steel, decked out in a full Power Armor suit. We see a mutant on the opposite side of the BOS member, while a turret is stationed behind him, and a soldier rounds out the group.

It appears as if they'll have a diverse selection of creatures, characters, soldiers and entities from the Fallout universe brought to life in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get some details on how the tabletop game is played, or what sort of rules they'll have for the game, they don't list those in the section for now. Instead it just lets tabletop fans know that the miniatures are "Coming Soon".

Given that Modiphius is known for having complete rulebook sets, storyboards and gameboards for various properties, it wouldn't be surprising if they have an actual role-playing set to accompany the miniature figures.

I'm also curious if we'll see the Tabletop Simulator community 3D scan in these Fallout figurines and eventually add them to the workshop like they've done with a bunch of other miniatures from various other properties?

It's almost surprising it's taken this long for a Fallout themed tabletop property to pop up given how popular the game series is. But, Bethesda is now possibly going to tap into an equally large community for those who like to actually roleplay.

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