Soldiers marching in Call of Duty WWII

As has been hinted at, then teased and finally revealed, Call of Duty is returning to World War II. While Activision hasn't pulled back the curtain completely on their next epic FPS war game, we know a heck of a lot more today than we knew a mere 24 hours ago.

The Call of Duty series is returning to its roots, dropping players into the most legendary confrontation of all time, World War II. In fact, that's what they're calling the game, Call of Duty: WWII. That fact was first revealed in leaks a couple of weeks back and confirmed more recently with a teaser image that promoted the trailer Activision and Sledgehammer Games launched this morning. So, yeah, there was a bit of a runway to get to this point.

But now that we know the game is coming, here's a rundown on all of the information we've gathered so far concerning CoD: WWII.

Launch details

Call of Duty: WWII will arrive on Nov. 3, as confirmed by this morning's reveal trailer. While the trailer didn't show off any actual gameplay, the scenes of carnage certainly feel like what we've come to expect out of a Call of Duty game. Still, as fresh as the setting may seem, it'll be a homecoming of sorts for longtime fans. Back in the day, every shooter was either set in space or World War II. After tooling around on those battlefields for a while, the Call of Duty series began to creep forward in time, eventually reaching Modern Warfare and, most recently, taking the series' first steps into space with Infinite Warfare.

Now that the series has come full circle, this next battle will be fought on three fronts: The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Beta info

As the big banner at the end of the trailer points out, Call of Duty: WWII will indeed have a beta period. As has become common practice with shooters in recent years, there's only one way to guarantee your chances of participating in said beta at this time. In short, you need to pre-order the game. No matter what version you reserve in advance, the trailer states that a pre-order is all you'll need to gain access to that upcoming private beta.

Different editions

At present, there are only two editions of CoD: WWII confirmed. The first is the standard edition, which includes no extra frills. The Pro Edition will be sold at GameStop for $100. Along with a season pass for DLC, you'll enjoy a steelbook case and "additional bonus content" that has not been outlined at this point.

Game modes

As was outlined during the livestream event, this latest Call of Duty will feature a campaign mode that follows the US 1st Infantry Division, also known as The Bloody First. Players will tackle the European theater of the war, according to a report from Gamespot, with missions including all of the heavy hitters like storming the beaches at Normandy, D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. Also highlighted was the fact that most of the game will put players in control of Private Daniels, while at least one mission will have you taking on the role of a woman fighting for the French resistance.

If you're eager for multiplayer details, you're going to have to wait a bit longer. Activision plans to give the multiplayer portion of the game a full showing at E3 this year. Also, as with most recent Call of Duty games, you can expect a new cooperative campaign that, you guessed it, boasts zombies.

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