Wolfenstein The New Order

Everyone is curious about what Bethesda will have on hand at this year's E3, which is set to take place next month, during the middle of June. While speculation and rumors have run rampant, there is a bit of a solid piece of information indicating exactly how many new games Bethesda will likely announce at E3.

According to GamesRadar, there will be two new games unveiled at E3 this year from Bethesda. Why just two? Well, according to the press invite infographic, they have their major franchises broken down into themed attractions in a Bethesdaland theme park. While there's an attraction for Doom, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored and Prey, the interesting thing here is that there are two properties under construction.

GamesRadar poses a convincing argument with a number of citations backing up the heavy possibility that one of the new games will be Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, since voice actor BJ Blazkowicz, who did work for Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, basically revealed the new game back in late 2016.

They also point to a NeoGaf post indicating that hirings for The Evil Within 2 could indicate that Bethesda is putting their faith back into the hands of Shinji Mikami, even after the lukewarm response to the original Evil Within, which came out back in the fall of 2014.

Most people speculate that the new games won't be sequels to RAGE or Wet. It makes sense for the former, given that RAGE is what you would consider to be a IP tech showcase for the id Tech 5 game engine. Some properties are used specifically to showcase new design or development techniques, similar to the original Gears of War for Unreal Engine 3, or the original Unreal for the first use of the Unreal Engine back in the late 1990s.

Wet seems unlikely because it was a niche game in a niche sub-genre that hasn't had a lot of hype in recent years. While it would be cool if Wet made a return to the scene with some awesome physics-based gameplay and some new techniques in bullet-physics and gunplay, it seems unlikely given how cold the franchise is at the moment.

Most people also discount any possible sequels to Brink and no one even brings up Rogue Warrior, which has an awful reputation in the world of gaming for being an awful, awful game. Unless they were making a parody as a sequel, they're not even going to touch that.

A lot of people suspect that at least one of the reveals is Wolfenstein, and that definitely seems like a good bet at this point, especially since it's the one game not featured in the Bethesdaland line-up.

I don't know how well people would take to a new Wolfenstein game, though. Doom was welcomed with open arms because the industry was starved of an out-and-out, gore-filled, unrepentant, unrelenting first-person shooter, so that's what helped it stand out. Would Wolfenstein really be that well received when the last two games are still fresh in the minds of most gamers? They would have to do something drastically different to make it stand out, for sure.

One thing a lot of people haven't mentioned is that, technically, Bethesda could introduce a brand new IP at E3. I mean, why not? I guess we'll find out next month when Bethesda takes to the stage for their E3 press conference.

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