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Capcom is now fully immersed in the second season of rolling out new characters for Street Fighter V, with the next character being called the lovechild of Balrog and M. Bison. That might seem like a crazy combination but he's a cool looking character with a sleek design.

The trailer was posted up over on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel. The trailer highlights the newest addition to the roster, the brand new hotshot named Ed.

He's a young commander sporting M. Bison's Psycho power. His fighting style is very similar to Savate in-fighting, focusing on a lot of precision uppercuts, hook punches and vital shots to the body. His variation of Georges St. Pierre's superman punches are absolutely top notch. Capcom proves once again that they have some of the best animators in the business, bringing this Street Fighter V character to life with a good sense of fantasy and a touch of realism.

His Psycho powers are actually used very differently from M. Bison. Instead of relying on unorthodox attacks that make it difficult to determine whether it's a high or low attack, Ed relies on straightforward bruiser tactics, taking the fight directly to opponents, and even using a Psycho-whip attack to bring opponents closer to him.

He reminds me of Street Fighter's answer to Adelheid from The King of Fighters, who was also a young fighter themed after the series' long-running antagonist, Rugal Bernstein.

Another very obvious nod to the King of Fighters franchise is that Ed can do a charging Psycho punch, which looks almost identical to Terry Bogard's Burning Knuckle attack. The big difference is that Ed can cancel-transition into additional techs, giving him a speedy leg-up on his comparative counterpart.

Ed also comes with two additional costumes as part of his Street Fighter V season two outing, including a story mode outfit where he's decked out in a hoody, and a shirtless rendition of M. Bison's dictator outfit.

The second season character pack will also include three characters in addition to the current release of Akuma, Kolin and the recently announced Ed.

The three characters for Street Fighter V's second season will also be all new characters. So, they won't be retreads of characters already released in previous Street Fighter games.

So far, fans are absolutely in love with Ed's fighting style and moves. He looks really, really good in that trailer, and Capcom has done a fantastic job as far as giving some of these characters great, stylish looking fighting moves in Street Fighter V. You'll be able to beta test Ed for free on the PS4 later this week, between May 11th and May 14th.

Don't be surprised if they announce a few more characters at E3 next month.

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