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11-Year-Old-Buys GTA V, Gets Bag Of Meth Free

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

There are several things wrong with this story, but the one thing that really set people off was the fact that an 11-year-old managed to get his hands on a small bag of crystal methamphetamine after purchasing a used copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

According to Kotaku, the event transpired in Florida, after Kayla McAllister's 11-year-old son found a small bag of meth in a used copy of GTA V that they picked up from GameStop.

They notified the police about the incident, and McAllister angrily noted that GameStop had failed to check the contents of the package before selling it to them. This is identical to another story that Kotaku notes took place back in September of 2016, where yet another 11-year-old purchased a game that contained meth inside the package.

Kotaku couldn't get a comment from GameStop about the matter, but they did ask if they check the packages and contents of games before selling it to customers. The rep told Kotaku that they "check everything".

The corporate office, however, was unwilling to offer a comment on the story, likely hoping it would just fade away. They did offer a replacement game to McAllister for the trouble it caused her.

According to the concerned mother, her biggest issue was that her three-year-old daughter could have encountered the substance, and the results could have been catastrophic. She was also thankful that her son brought her the pack instead of tinkering with it on his own.

The police decided to forward the investigation to the county department where the GamStop was located so they could further investigate.

If they keep the items logged it wouldn't be too difficult to find out when the original GTA V copy was brought in, and then they could cross reference that with the date on the security footage to see who came in that day to sell their copy of the game. If they also have parking lot footage they could very well track down the make and model of the vehicle as well to see who packed a small bag of meth into their copy of GTA V.

Of course, anyone who's played GTA V knows that there's meth use in the game, as well as drug dealing, lots of uncensored sex, and more f-bombs than F-22 bombers on the U.S., Nimitz Class naval carrier. But, it's the meth packed into the game manual that's right at the top in "WTF?" reaction territory.

The story notes that despite GameStop offering a replacement to McAllister, she declined. It's unclear if she got rid of the game she bought for her son or if it was taken into custody by the police as evidence, though. Maybe in another six or seven years her young son will be ready to play it... and, hopefully, it won't come with a bag of meth.

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