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Overwatch GOTY Edition

After racking up countless Game of the Year awards and walking away with just as many nods from industry vets for various achievements, it looks like Blizzard could be ready to cash in on Overwatch yet again, with a Game of the Year Edition.

According to True Achievements it looks like the GOTY version of Overwatch will arrive with several anniversary themed loot boxes. They spotted a product listing for the Xbox One version of the game that contains the full multiplayer first-person shooter, 10 bonus loot boxes that contain cosmetics and additional unlockables for the heroes in the game, five origin skins for five different Overwatch heroes along with a baby version of Winston as a digital unlockable pet for World of Warcraft.

It's interesting that they're cross-pollinating content between their games like that, and it's likely to enforce players to potentially dive into other Blizzard games to make use of the goodies. For instance, another piece of the listing for the GOTY edition of Overwatch includes a playable version of Tracer in Heroes of the Storm.

What's interesting here is that a lot of people in the comment section weren't too thrilled about the announcement of the GOTY edition. Why? Because the only real bonuses included are for other Blizzard games. Some estimated that the 10 loot boxes could be acquired with just a few hours of play. Others noted that the skins just didn't seem like a big enough incentive to buy Overwatch's GOTY release.

However, what we don't know is if the price could be significantly cheaper than the physical Overwatch Origins Edition. They do note that this new version of the game is due for release on May 23rd, so we won't have to wait long to potentially see it on digital and retail shelves, but pricing is still a pretty big mystery.

The comment section makes a good point that if the GOTY edition is cheaper than the Origins pack, then it could justify the re-release. At present, most places still carry the physical pack for Overwatch's Origins Edition for $60. So if you can get the GOTY version for $35, then that would drastically open up a lot of potential sales for the game... not that Blizzard necessarily needs them.

Overwatch has already garnered more than 30 million registered users, and has made more than a billion in revenue for Activision and Blizzard. This has made it one of the most lucrative new IPs on the market today.

It does seem like it might be a little early for a GOTY release, though. Usually companies pump out a whole lot of premium content for the game and then a year or two later they re-release it as a GOTY edition in order to pick up some more sales and lure in people who may have missed the game the first time around.

In this case, if you already own Overwatch you're basically just getting 10 extra loot boxes if you do decide to check out this potential GOTY release. However, if you play Heroes of the Storm or World of Warcraft you also get the added bonus of a new playable character and a free pet.

Of course, Blizzard would first need to officially announce the Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition before we can rightly assume it'll arrive on the 23rd.

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