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For Honor Season 2

The second season of For Honor is now underway for most gamers. This includes all new maps, new characters (for some), new gameplay balances, new weapon tweaks, and an all new gear tier that Ubisoft has added to the hack-and-slash fantasy combat game.

Gamespot is reporting that season pass holders for For Honor will automatically receive two new characters, the Centurion and the Shinobi as part of the package. The Centurion is a new Knight class character who utilizes classic Roman armor and a Roman short sword.

The Centurion is a close-quarters fighter that relies on quick strikes and knockdown attacks. We learn that the Centurion can do plenty of damage by striking down opponents and stabbing them while they're incapacitated on the ground.

Unlike the other Knights in For Honor, the Centurion doesn't have a shield or a heavy reliance on defensive properties. Instead he relies on using his sword to block and counter, making him a character for higher skilled players.

The Shinobi, alternatively, is more of a mid-ranged character that can use speed and agility to his advantage. The use of his weapons afford for throwing opponents off balance with the chains, and the hooks allow for heavy damage when up close.

The Shinobi relies more on out-maneuvering opponents, similar to other classes on the Samurai side in For Honor, as opposed to focusing on brute strength.

For non-season pass holders you'll have to wait until May 23rd to get your hands on both the Shinobi and the Centurion. They will be available via purchase using the game's currency, known as Steel.

Ubisoft did a five hour live-stream covering every single aspect of these characters and all of the gameplay features, tweaks and updates they've made to For Honor. It was part of their introduction into the eSports tournament for the game as well, giving gamers a look at the competitive side of their hack-and-slash online game.

As mentioned, the tweaks that they've made come in the form of balancing out the gear in For Honor. This includes adding an all new Epic tier to the weapons and items you can acquire for your characters.

Ubisoft also had to overhaul the gear system to accommodate the near gear tier, including revamping stats on items that were deemed useless or redundant.

The Epic tier gear in For Honor also raises the total gear score cap to 144, up from 108.

This also likely means that Ubisoft might, at some point in the future, consider adding a Legendary tier to the game as well.

Two new maps have also been added to the game for free. Whether you're a season pass holder or just playing casually, you'll be able to experience the new maps in the game, along with fighting for new territories on the Faction War map. Ubisoft decided to use the Rainbow Six: Siege method of introducing new content into For Honor, so we'll see how well things go over now that the second season is underway for their new hack and slash title.

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