Rumors are running rampant about some of the projects that Blizzard Entertainment is working on. One of the projects is rumored to be a mobile game that may be based around the Warcraft property. So how did rumors come to the conclusion that Blizzard is working on a Warcraft mobile game?

Well, according to a job listing over on Blizzard's hiring page that a Neogaf user spotted. The job listing seeks a special effects artist who has some knowledge and know-how when it comes to colors, combat effects, user interfaces, and timing when it comes to putting together animations, particles, textures, alphas, and layers for use in a mobile game.

Specifically, they're looking for artists who know their way around the Unity 3D game engine and are skilled in working within the confines and resource budgets afforded to the design scope of mobile devices, both new and old. Essentially they want someone who can make high-quality assets for newer phones and tablets but can also scale their work to look good even on lower-end devices.

The most telling part of the job listing is that they want artists who have a "passion" and understanding of creating effects and imagery that are "synonymous" with their Warcraft intellectual property.

Now keep in mind that this does not mean that the new game will specifically be a Warcraft game, but it very well could be a spin-off game or something set within the universe perhaps. Heroes of the Storm for instance isn't a Warcraft game but it definitely utilizes aesthetics similar to the Warcraft IP due to some characters and maps in the game are from the Warcraft property.

Most of the comments in the NeoGaf thread point to the possibility of Blizzard working on a game similar to the likes of Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. It would definitely make sense for Blizzard to dabble in that area of mobile gaming since it's a highly profitable sector of the market right now and it's a sector that Blizzard hasn't sought to conquer. With Activision having acquired King Entertainment -- the makers of the highly popular Candy Crush series -- it's entirely possible that Activision may have some tie-in to the way Blizzard's upcoming mobile title is distributed to fit in line with King's other properties.

A game based on Warcraft would definitely be possible in the mobile space, though. It would also make a ton of sense given that the original Warcraft trilogy started as a real-time strategy series before World of Warcraft came about and everyone got addicted to the MMORPG experience. Bringing the series back to its roots with a strategy, kingdom management motif would make a ton of sense.

Of course, we could only really know what the gameplay is like if we knew what they required from the lead gameplay designer, given that it would reveal what sort of hooks and loops they're going for.

In the meantime, we'll have to sit back and wait to see what comes out of this news, assuming the game they're hiring for doesn't get canned. But gamers could be in for a treat with a new mobile Warcraft game.

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