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Cards Against Humanity, the popular party game that turns everybody into awful monsters, has relaunched with a twist that's sure to ruffle a few feathers. Of course, given the game we're talking about, that's kind of to be expected at this point. Get ready for Cards Against Humanity: For Her.

The latest iteration for Cards Against Humanity has gone live, with tongue firmly planted in cheek as the developers announce a "For Her" version of the game. The reveal took place on Twitter, and not everybody is appreciating the joke.

The shtick here is that products especially designed for women are typically made available in pink and, for whatever inexplicable reason, are more costly. So, naturally, the game that has made fun of every stereotype under the sun is being made available in the same manner. It's the core Cards Against Humanity game, only the box is now pink and it costs $30 rather than the usual $25. The hook here is that 100 percent of proceeds that are raised from this version of the game are going to support a charity that benefits women. So, no, despite the seriously dark humor of some of the game's cards, they aren't being completely tone deaf with a joke. They're just making a joke while selling a product for a good cause.

Still, based on some of the reactions from Twitter, not everyone is getting a laugh. Despite the intentions of the promotion, some feel that the joke only further strengthens stereotypes. Others feel that it's making money off of those dumb stereotypes and, despite the fact that all of that money is going to charities to support women, it's still in poor taste. We're not here to tell you how to feel about the matter, though. That's up to you.

The store page for this special edition of CAH leans into it completely, boasting a pink skin, pretty little butterflies and equally stereotypical images of women shopping and taking selfies with tags that promise it "pairs nicely with a glass of chilled white wine" or that it's "there for you when you need a good cry." The game also apparently "hydrates, lifts and revives," in case you were curious.

If you're not too offended by the joke, there's a pretty great FAQ down at the bottom of the page that answers all of your questions with potentially infuriating replies. Again, they're fully embracing the joke here and, again, everything goes to support Emily's List, which specifically works to help get women elected to public office.

So if you don't already own Cards Against Humanity, or perhaps you just want a good reason to support charity, here's something to consider.

We'd be interested in your thoughts in the comments below. Will this version of CAH finally get you to pick up a copy? Give us the details.