Street Fighter V

The EVO 2017 championship series gets underway this weekend. The organizers have already setup the event to not only stream through all the usual places, live from Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Center, but you'll also be able to watch the finals from the comfort of your couch right from ESPN 2.

According to Gamespot, ESPN has re-signed a deal with EVO to host the Street Fighter V finals on ESPN 2 on Sunday starting at 7PM Pacific Standard Time, July 16th.

This is going to be the second time that ESPN and EVO have teamed up. Last year the two organizations came together for the Street Fighter V finals, which took place that Sunday night. Throughout the day fans and audience members slowly piled into the Mandalay Bay Center in preparation for the major showdown, which featured a couple of fan-favorite competitors, including Lil' Joe. Joe was the only American to make the top eight last year, a coveted spot for only the best of the best. Usually we see blockbuster competitor Justin Wong representing the good 'ole U.S. of A in the finals, but, sadly, he just couldn't cut the custard and slice through the stiff competition last year.

This year there are a number of American competitors expected to make the top brackets, including Justin Wong, Snake Eyes and ChrisG. Snake Eyes in particular had a recent showing against NuckleDu at the Combo Breaker 2017 event where NuckleDu edged out a win over the Zangief expert.

Many fans are also expecting to see the "Four Demons" of Japan to make an appearance as well, including Tokido and Daigo Umehara.

Sadly, some of my personal favorite games won't be making the ESPN 2 airings, such as King of Fighters XIV and Guilty Gear Xrd. However, SNK should be happy that for the first time in EVO history King of Fighters XIV will be a featured game on the list.

Other fan-favorites such as Super Smash Bros., BlazBlue and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will also be featured throughout the tournament. Sadly, Capcom's upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will miss out on this year's competition due to launching later this year, but it will be showcased as a premiere sponsored title.

Arika, of Street Fighter EX fame, will also have a game on display at this year's event, showing off its new title.

Gamespot noted that ESPN 2 has been on a roll lately with e-sports events, also airing Halo 5 tournaments along with Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The network has also broadcast the hugely popular Rocket League, which just seems to keep growing and growing and growing.

You can look for the EVO Championship Series to get underway starting this weekend on Friday, where hopefuls from around the world will show up to stake their claim and attempt to win one of the most prized tournaments in e-sports today. Those of you who don't have a decent enough internet connection to stream the action from Twitch can rest easy knowing that you'll be able to get your fill of EVO on Sunday via ESPN 2.

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