Doomfist Overwatch

For those of you who have been keeping a really close eye on Overwatch and the upcoming new character, Doomfist, you've probably recognized that he's been available in the PTR, but not available to everyone. Well, Blizzard finally revealed when he'll be available for the general public. He'll launch publicly starting July 27th, for Xbox One, PS4 and all players on PC.

This was revealed by Blizzard Entertainment in an announcement that Polygon picked up.

Doomfist originally became available on the Public Test Realm -- a beta server that Blizzard set up to allow gamers to play-test characters, maps, balance changes and new modes being implemented into Overwatch -- where gamers were able to give the villain a try before he was officially released for everyone.

There hasn't been a character in Overwatch who has seemingly received as much press attention as Doomfist.

The character gained so much notoriety due to some hints circulating that he was an actual character after players began scouring the game world for clues and hints about the lore surrounding the universe.

The popularity and mystique surrounding the character ended up catching the eye of actor Terry Crews, who then began to lobby on social media and across various online outlets to potentially land the gig of voicing Doomfist in Blizzard's first-person shooter.

What seemed like a simple thing eventually escalated into something huge, with top Hollywood heavyweight Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson getting involved with the campaign and vying for Blizzard to include Terry Crews on Crews' behalf. This instantly set the internet on fire, and it became a huge marketing thing where the news and hype around Doomfist was almost becoming bigger than Overwatch itself.

Eventually, Blizzard did officially announce Doomfist, but, much to the dismay of fans, he was not being voiced by the always-enthusiastic Terry Crews.

A lot of fans expressed frustration and anger over the fact that one of the more popular villains to make his way into the game was not being played by Crews, but the actor took it all in stride and thanked the fans for their support but noted that he was definitely okay with Blizzard's decision. In fact, he didn't rule out that there may be a collaboration with them in the future on some project, saying that when it does happen it would be "perfect".

Crews, meanwhile, has his hands full with press duties for Microsoft's upcoming Crackdown 3 for the Xbox One and Xbox One X. Blizzard Entertainment, alternatively, will be releasing Doomfist to the general public on the Xbox One and PS4 beginning July 27th.

The character has some pretty powerful moves at his disposal, and so far the offensive character has become quite popular in the Overwatch community thanks to his powerful rocket punch, his hand cannon and his meteor strike. The added bonus of being a gung-ho villain seeking to reclaim his rank and rise to the top of Talon for self-serving causes he deems noble, adds to the character's weight in the overall Overwatch universe. You'll be able to play him in full once he arrives for public consumption next week.

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