Titans play Frontier Defense

A fan-favorite cooperative mode is making the jump to Titanfall 2 and, just like all major updates for the stellar 2016 FPS, it's going to be absolutely free. Grab some friendly pilots and get ready for Frontier Defense.

The team over at Respawn Entertainment recently posted a blog outlining details for the next major game update coming to Titanfall 2. Rather than bury the lead, they jumped straight to the announcement that is likely to generate the most buzz: Frontier Defense is coming to Titanfall 2. Fans loved this cooperative mode in the original game so, naturally, we're stoked to see it getting plugged into T2 as part of the next major DLC drop, scheduled on all fronts come July 25.

In short, this is Titanfall 2's wave defense mode, where players defend set locations from increasingly challenging opposition. Here's a look at the official trailer.

What's extra great about this is the fact that the Titanfall 2 community is actually growing, so joining up with other players in cooperative battles will be a breeze. You may not recall that EA decided to launch Titanfall 2 literally sandwiched between their own Battlefield 1 and Activision's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Obviously, the shooter audience was spread a bit thin over that three-week period, so Titanfall 2 didn't get the initial audience it genuinely deserves. In the latest blog post, the team announced that, as more and more free DLC becomes available, the community has continued to expand.

We imagine something like Frontier Defense will only boost that growth, too. In it, up to four players will fight off five waves of enemies. You'll earn cash between waves to spend on gear that will bolster your defenses. There will be four difficulty modes and a fifth "Insane" option plugged in later. For this mode, five maps will be supported at launch, including Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise and Blackwater Canal.

In case you're a fan of the game and the mention of the Rise map made you pause, that's because that's a new map being introduced with this update. There will also be a new Township Live Fire map in next week's update, giving players plenty of reasons to return to Titanfall 2 even if they aren't into cooperative modes.

Again, all of that stuff is free, with the only for-pay content being elite warpaints and weapons that don't have an impact on the balance of the game. Respawn has stuck by their guns on this count, which probably has something to do with their audience staying so dedicated.

Finally, if you still haven't taken Titanfall 2 for a spin yet, you're about to run out of excuses. With the new DLC launching July 25, another free trial for the game will go live from July 28-30, giving players on all platforms a chance to check out the game risk-free. It sounds like they're opening the full game up to all comers for that time and, if you decide to buy once the event concludes, your progress will continue over.

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