Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Beta

Square Enix is really mixing up the offerings for Final Fantasy XV with the upcoming expansion pack for the game called Comrades. This DLC expansion adds a whole new layer of flavor to the game in the form of online multiplayer, and there appears to be only one way to get in on the multiplayer beta: the season pass.

According to Game Informer, you'll have to have a season pass in order to receive an opportunity to play the online beta of Final Fantasy XV's Comrades DLC expansion. If you purchased the season pass either for the PlayStation 4 or for the Xbox One you'll be eligible to participate in the closed multiplayer beta, which will take place between August 3rd and August 8th, starting next week.

The multiplayer beta will be jam packed with a lot of goodies and things to do. Players will first have to create their own avatar, choosing between a male or female. According to the article only eight avatars will be available during the closed beta test, and the customization features for the characters will be limited, but all of that will open up when the multiplayer mode goes live.

Only four weapons will be available during the test, including a shuriken, a katana, dagger and club. Obviously there aren't a whole lot of different ways to kill monsters in Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer mode, but that will change as the mode continues to receive updates and patches.

Playing and completing missions in the mode will earn you shards that can then be used to unlock more quests and missions. The setup sounds like it's one of those things where Square may keep piling on new content if there is demand for it.

The article also notes that loot and cooking will be part of the experience as well. Loot wasn't that big of a thing in the original outing of Final Fantasy XV. It was there obviously, but the looting was no where near as in-depth or as prominent as it was in other Final Fantasy titles like Final Fantasy XII, or Final Fantasy XIV. The loot will allow you to further customize your avatar, and unlock some new weapons for your character.

The cooking was a big part of the core story of Final Fantasy XV, with Ignis doing most of the cooking throughout the game up until a certain incident happened later in the game. For the multiplayer, players will earn cooking ingredients by completing missions and then using those to make meals, via the cook, while back at the town hub. The meals work very much like the ones in Monster Hunter games, where players will receive limited boosts and buffs from eating certain foods.

The beta will only allow for online multiplayer quests, but the article does mention that the full version of the Comrades expansion will also allow for a single-player version of the mode, and that it will also be possible to enter into the city and swap out your custom avatar to play as the original boy band members, Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto or Ignis.

If you want in on the beta you'll have to grab the season pass now before the CBT starts for the new Final Fantasy XV expansion on August 3rd.

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