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The International DOTA 2 Championships are up and running, with fans able to follow along at home via a whole bunch of streaming options. There's a huge cash prize on the line, too, so feel free to pick a team and cheer them on into next weekend.

Valve has set up a rather impressive suite of online viewing options for the ongoing DOTA 2 tournament, including plenty of information on the teams and prizes, as well as four separate stream feeds to tune into. The easiest way to just dive right in is to head to the championship's official website. If a match is going, multiple streams will be active. If a match isn't going on, you're likely to enjoy some behind the scenes footage or perhaps some pre- or post-match commentary.

On that same page, you'll get a look at the current schedule and standings, and you'll also find links to check in on scoreboards that will be updated live. If you missed out on an important match because of work, school, sleep or some other insufficient excuse, you can also click on the "Replays" tab to catch up on whatever matches you may have missed.

As for who is competing, dozens of teams are throwing down in this DOTA bracket. Probably the six teams worth keeping the closest eye on are the ones who received a direct invite, including OG, Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Invictus Gaming and Newbee. The American qualifiers include Cloud9, Digital Chaos and Infamous, with the China qualifiers including iG Vitality, LGD.Forever Young and LGD Gaming. The Souteast Asia qualifiers are TNC Pro Team, Fnatic and Execration, with the European qualifiers being Team Secret, HellRaisers and Team Empire. A whole bunch of regional qualifiers are also involved.

Obviously, that's a lot of teams to get through, so this DOTA tourney runs for more than a week. We're still in the early goings, with the Main Event scheduled to run from Aug. 7-12. Currently, the prize pool is more than $23 million.

If you have a favorite streaming service, the big showdowns are likely available there, as the DOTA matches will be seen on Steam Broadcasting, YouTube and Twitch. There's even a DOTA VR Theater for those of you who really want to get your head into the matches. Again, all of the additional details for your various avenues of entertainment are available on the main site.

We're happy to see things are running smoothly at present, so, hopefully, Valve can keep that up for the next week or so. These eSports are drawing bigger and bigger crowds, so we like to see the facilitators putting their best foot forward.

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