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Gearbox is working on a new game and, outside of it being called "Project 1v1," details are pretty scarce at this time. Still, it looks like they're gearing up to share additional details, as they are now inviting folks to sign up to take part in an upcoming beta.

Best known for their Borderlands series and last year's pummeled-by-Overwatch-shooter Battleborn, Gearbox has a new project coming out that they are simply referring to as 1v1. While details are a bit scarce, you can head on over to the game's official website and enter your information in the hopes of being included in an upcoming beta.

Thankfully, they aren't asking you to sign up to play a game on blind faith alone. Still, the description that is provided is a bit cryptic. Gearbox is calling 1v1 a shooter that combines first-person combat with the "metagame strategy of a collectible card game." Quite a few team-based first-person shooters these days use a card system for customizing characters, but we don't think that's what Gearbox is getting at here. In Paladins, for instance, the cards you equip give characters a little extra damage for certain moves, extra stamina, lengthened status effects and the like. But we wouldn't compare that kind of system to a collectible card game, so we're certainly intrigued to see what Gearbox has planned.

According to the announcement, the team is planning to hold a short closed technical test this summer and, since the season is almost over, we imagine we'll be hearing a lot more about 1v1 in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for you international types, the test run will only be held on North American servers. If you find yourself in that region, there's a "Sign up now" button right there on the front page of the official site.

During the testing phase, three modes will be on display including Ranked, Challenge and Arena. Ranked matches pit players against one another to earn ranking and crates containing new cards. Challenge is a friendly mode for player versus player showdowns. The Arena sounds pretty neat, actually, letting players "queue up to challenge the current Arena champion." If you win, you get to take their place at the top of the heap. We assume there will be various groupings for the Arena, otherwise we imagine those queues will get ridiculously long. Still, the mode sounds pretty neat.

There's a tab for a FAQ, but it isn't active at this time. The game is also pending rating, so we don't know how graphic the violence is going to get.

Assuming the artwork on the page is from the game, it looks like the setting is a cyber noir world that has been integrated into lush landscapes. Imagine the city from Blade Runner in a mountainous jungle and you've got the idea.

Hopefully Gearbox is ready to offer more details soon, because we're certainly intrigued.

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