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Blizzard Entertainment is teasing a brand new map for Overwatch in the form of Junkertown. There's a brand new trailer for the Junkertown map, which is obviously an homage to Junkrat and Roadhog, the two scraggly heroes from the game. The map gets a good showing in the trailer, where we get to see some of the ins and outs from the stage.

The trailer starts with a voice-over telling everyone to "listen up," as it explains that it's time to face the facts about the end of the world having come and gone. During this time we get to see a garage with a decked out motorcycle in it and the shanty town where the map takes place, looking like the Brazilian favelas set within a Mad Max wasteland.

More specifically, this map looks like it comes right out of Team Fortress 2. The coloring and old West themed designs share a lot of similarities with the desert maps from Valve's free-to-play first-person shooter.

Halfway through the trailer it's revealed that Junkertown will be an escort map, and it appears one team will have to escort the junk-mobile into the winding streets of the cobbled-together, aluminum-and-wood housing structures.

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The voice-over also talks a little bit about the lore of the new Overwatch map, where we learn that during the Omnic war, apparently they tried taking over the Junkertown area, but now that it's on the outskirts of civilization, they've managed to use it to rob and steal and capture loot for their own ends. According to the official description of the map, it's essentially a scrapyard turned into a safe-haven for criminals and societal refuse. The criminals steal and loot and pillage and then bring their loot back to the Australian Outback shanty town.

Inside the actual town they have some other odds and ends to discover, such as a battle zone, which seems to be more of an homage to the Thunderdome from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

The voice eventually reveals herself to be the queen of the apocalyptic Junkertown. During this time we get to see her throne, but we don't get to see her.

The Australian-themed map definitely seems to be strongly inspired by a lot of other pop-culture iconography. Whether or not it's a fun Overwatch map remains to be seen, but some fans are already super excited about the map.

A lot of people feel like it's a cross between Mad Max and Borderlands, even though Borderlands was a huge homage to Mad Max. Others are excited about the idea of the queen of Junkertown potentially becoming a playable character in Overwatch, which might not seem too far fetched.

There's no date on when the new map will arrive, but it's definitely set to come soon. According to the official Twitter account, the map will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One owners.

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