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The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

Electronic Arts isn't done upgrading, updating and expanding The Sims 4. Gamers looking for some new ways to interact with the game will likely fall in love with the newest expansion that is set to release for the slice-of-life simulator when the brand new pets arrive this fall.

Polygon is reporting that Electronic Arts announced during this year's GamesCom 2017 event taking place in Cologne, Germany, there will be brand new pets for you to acquire, collect and customize starting November 10th on PC.

This is the first time that pets will be available in The Sims 4 as part of the Cats & Dogs expansion. Not only will there be pets that you can get for your family or character, but it's also possible to breed your very own pets and mix breeds. There's also a complete "Create A Pet" utility that comes with the expansion, allowing you access to tools so that you can change the pet's age, their personality traits, the breed type, the coat, the palette, the colors, and even the patterns on their fur.

The addition of the pets also comes with a brand new vocation for your Sims to pursue as well, including the veterinarian profession. This will allow you to look after and treat pets within The Sims 4 ecosystem.

The expansion comes with a new Brindleton Bay location, where you can take your pet and train them up to run through obstacle courses, play fetch, or even pick up a stray cat or dog.

There's also a reveal trailer that was released to highlight some of the features of the expansion pack, and it's a real upbeat trailer that's expertly edited, featuring "Fire Escape" from Andrew McMahon. You can check out the reveal trailer below.

Showcasing a young girl who receives a young puppy, and then seeing them grow up together, was perfectly put together. Her losing the dog after he grew older was that added bit of weight to give the character some depth, especially once you see that for her own child she gets him a puppy and continues the cycle.

I imagine a lot of longtime Sims fans will be able to make some interesting and compelling stories based on this expansion.

The expansion also shows that various pets will be able to have their own likes and dislikes, get into fights, or become friends with other pets.

We also see that you can dress up your cat or dog in a variety of costumes, ranging from full body outfits to hats, head-scarfs, and even a hotdog saddle.

Even though the expansion featuring pets is only going to be available for PC and Mac users this November, console gamers can actually look to get their hands on The Sims 4 starting in early September. It likely won't be long after the PC launch of Cats & Dogs that console gamers will also receive the expansion pack.

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