Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend

Ubisoft is continuing to pamper and support Rainbow Six: Siege, this time with a free-to-play weekend... set to take place this very weekend. Anyone who doesn't own the game will be able to get in a little bit of play time on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or on Windows PC via Uplay or Steam.

Ubisoft informed gamers that the game would be free-to-play this weekend between August 24th and August 27th. As mentioned, the free weekend will extend across all available platforms, including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally, for those of you who are impressed with the game and want to add it to your collection, you'll be able to do so with a 50% off discount on the game. Not only that, but you should know that for any progress you make to your profile or characters in Rainbow Six: Siege during the free weekend, Ubisoft has confirmed that that progress will not be in vain. You will be able to carryover that progress into the full version of the game if you decide to pick up a copy.

This free weekend arrives one week before Ubisoft begins stress testing the upcoming Year 2: Season 3 update, Operation Blood Orchid. This massive new expansion will arrive first through a technical test server next week, on August 29th, and it will then deploy for all users across all platforms starting September 5th.

The update was delayed from the original release that was set earlier this year when Ubisoft announced that it would be pushing back the Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 content in order to perform what was called "Operation Health." This was a technically tactical decision, in which the development team decided to do some much needed maintenance on the overall infrastructure of Rainbow Six: Siege before proceeding with the deployment of additional content, whether that be characters, maps or weapons.

Operation Health gave the team time to monitor some of the shortcomings and pitfalls of the network code, along with identifying some of the chinks in the armor of the multiplayer matchmaking, ensuring that the game runs as clean and as pristine as intended.

The delay of the new content was most certainly warranted, but Ubisoft also thought that gamers should receive a little something-something for having to wait as long as they did for the new content to arrive. Instead of releasing two new operators and a new map, Ubisoft decided to release three new operators and a brand new map.

The map is set to take place in a Hong Kong complex, offering gamers a nice bit of eastern flair while they attempt to blow walls open, shoot through floors, and plant explosives all over the place. Ubisoft will be demonstrating the map and the new characters during a Blood Orchid demonstration taking place during the Rainbow Six: Siege eSports Pro League Finals, which can be viewed over on the Twitch.tv Rainbow 6 channel.

As for the new operators, they will appear in Ubisoft's first-person shooter game soon, along with the new brand new map. For now, just get ready to enjoy some free game time with the free weekend for Rainbow Six: Siege.

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