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NBA 2K18 Cover

So there's been a brewing pot of controversy surrounding the upcoming NBA 2K18 and the way 2K Sports could end up in a hot spot over the cover athlete, Kyrie Irving. With the whole trade controversy of Irving moving to a different team, it turns the NBA 2K18 cover situation on its head... but 2K has responded in the only way that it could.

The official NBA 2K18 account tweeted out a nice, big, fat "Whoops." Why? Because just a couple of weeks earlier the account tweeted out that gamers could see Kyrie Irving in his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. The initial tweet about Irving and his Cavaliers jersey was posted back on August 7th, 2017. There was already a lot of questions and jokes about what would happen if Irving signed with the New York Knicks or took flight to the Miami Heat. 2K just brushed it off while still promoting NBA 2K18.

Well, now things are coming back to bite 2K in the rear-end because Irving has signed with the Boston Celtics, and now he's wearing the wrong jersey on the cover of NBA 2K18. I have no idea how 2K is going to handle this late trade because it completely invalidates the cover of the game. Not only will it be outdated by the time it releases on September 19th, but it will stick with the game all throughout its tenure on store shelves and digital storefronts from 2017 throughout the 2018 season.

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So, now what does 2K Games do to fix the situation? Some of its fans tweeted out a few quick-fix solutions by posting a variety of pictures of Irving with badly Photoshopped images of a Boston jersey over his Cavaliers outfit.

The joke stays on the thread, with the official 2K account for NBA 2K opting to spend more time focused on promoting other aspects of the game, including the All-Time rendition of Kobe Bryant.

Some people even started up just a minor fuss over the classic Kobe being higher rated than Lebron James. It's a little bit like when Michael Jordan was rated higher than Kobe Bryant, and so on and so forth.

Nevertheless, the news about Kyrie Irving is something that has been looming over the 2K Sports brand ever since Kyrie Irving had announced having issues with the Cavaliers. Many people attributed the problem to him not being looked at as the top player of the team, since he had to share the spotlight with Lebron James.

The trade news about Irving continued to loom over 2K throughout the summer, with a lot of people thinking that this year's edition of NBA 2K would have its cover in jeopardy and that some last minute changes would be required. Well, now that the trade is complete and Irving is firmly on the Boston Celtics, it looks like 2K Sports will have to do something about the cover come September.