We know a lot of professional athletes play video games, but not many take their fandoms as far as MLB player Aaron Judge. To show off his love of Destiny, Judge is currently playing in gear inspired by the upcoming sequel to the FPS phenomenon.

Whether or not you like Destiny, you've got to admit that New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge has gotten his hands on some pretty fantastic gear. What you're looking at is a trio of cleats and batting gloves inspired by the various classes in Bungie's massive shooter. On the left is the Hunter, with Warlock in the middle and Titan on the right. Judge started off by donning the Warlock set and will move on to the other two in upcoming games. We assume this is just a temporary promotion for Destiny 2, which launches in just a couple of weeks, or maybe #44 will turn this into a permanent fashion statement.

For those of you looking to show your own fandom, you don't need to go out and have some specialized gear made. Instead, simply sit patiently and wait for Sept. 6 to arrive, which is when Destiny 2 will finally bring us the next chapter in the tale of Guardians, The Traveler, the Red Legion and all sorts of other cool-sounding things.

We're quite eager to find out how Destiny 2 will be received. The first game built over the course of three years, with all sorts of extra content being heaped onto the experience as the months ticked past. Destiny 2 is a fresh start, so we're most curious to see how Bungie will be keeping us coming back for more. In short, we've grown accustomed to popping into Destiny and having a large number of ways to spend our time. As a sort of new beginning, Destiny 2 probably won't have that kind of variety on day one. So we'll be curious to see how the community responds to the shift.

Still, it became clear over the years that Bungie learned from their mistakes, and understood what it took to make Destiny feel like a complete game. We've already seen some of that in action, with the starting maps showing off all sorts of new activities for players to dive into. Couple that with the usual PvP modes, Strikes, Raids and the like, and we imagine even the core Destiny 2 will keep players coming back for quite some time.

With only a couple of weeks left before the big launch, we're curious what our readers are expecting out of Destiny 2. Are you ready to transition, or are you still trying to squeeze a few more adventures out of the original game? Let us know in the comments below.

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