A new live-action trailer was released for the upcoming Destiny 2, which is due to drop for home consoles next week. The excitement building around the game has become palpable, and that was all topped off with the two minute live-action trailer featuring the Beastie Boys. You can get a glimpse of it for yourself to see what the creative minds at Bungie and Activision have come up with.

The trailer was posted recently over on the Destiny Game YouTube channel, which is obviously the official channel for Destiny 2.

The video starts off with a voice-over of Nathan Fillion giving gamers the rundown about how Earth is destroyed. He explains how lattes are gone, how binge watching is gone, and how everything else is ruined... except for the Grand Canyon, where nothing much changed.

He goes through a list of fun things on Earth that are gone... including puppies. Thankfully they don't show the puppies exploding like all the other things they show exploding. Instead, Fillion's character, Cayde-6, pantomimes the act of the puppy's body exploding while two large explosions go off behind him.

We then get a look at the present day (in Destiny 2's timeline) where three real-life Guardians, played by real humans, are getting a lesson on events from Cayde-6. The quartet of heroes are standing amongst the ruined rubble and remains of a city that was attacked by the new villain of the series, Ghaul.

Cayde-6 then attempts to get the trio of newbie Guardians pumped up by telling them to grab some big guns and fight back for the ramen noodle shops that have been destroyed, for the cool stuff no longer on Earth... and in the case of the one gung-ho Guardian, to do it for the puppies.

The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" kicks in and we get a collage of really cool live-action sequences featuring a variety of different Guardians kicking the ever-loving-crap out of the bad guys. This used to be a staple of Bungie titles when the studio was under Microsoft making Halo games, and Neill Blomkamp was directing some of the live-action sequences for the series. They were brilliant.

I may not have ever been much of a fan of Destiny, but if it were a movie I would definitely watch it. Of course, it's not a movie; it's a game. A game that's due for release on Xbox One and PS4 on September 6th and due for release in the latter half of October for PC.

The trailer definitely managed to get a lot of gamers pumped up, showcasing some of the new abilities and skills that you'll be able to utilize in the game, along with some of the new villains and their weaponry that you'll have to face off against. Whether you love or hate Destiny, you have to admit that the trailer is perfectly executed.

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