FIFA 18 Career Mode

EA Sports has now fully adopted the use of DICE's Frostbite game engine across all new sports and racing titles coming out. FIFA is no stranger to the Frostbite, and it helped tell the story of Alex Hunter in FIFA 17. For FIFA 18, the developers revealed how the Career Mode would be improving for this year's outing.

Gamespot is reporting that some of the details for FIFA 18's Career Mode have surfaced, including that one of the biggest upgrades and improves comes from the mode now revolves round trades, which is extremely important in the realm of FIFA.

It's noted that instead of submitting an offer for a player during the management phase of Career Mode and waiting desperately for a reply, you can now conduct trade negotiations in real-time. The new feature is part of a new mini-game overhaul for the way trades work in FIFA 18.

You'll have to meet with a representative for the club and then eventually sit down and meet with the star player to etch out a deal. The article notes that there will also now be press-conference style cinematics when trades successfully go through.

The new training mode has been improved and evolved by adding well over a dozen new skill-based mini-games and practice drills. This also applies to the way you can manage players in the Career Mode when handling the nitty-gritty of the team management; you can assign characters to different training regiments and setup what sort of drills you want individual players or the whole team to practice.

The article notes that a lot of these new cinematic features and updates are also being powered by DICE's highly revered Frostbite game engine. Unfortunately, the site also reports that the Nintendo Switch version will not be powered by the Frostbite. Electronic Arts confirmed that the Switch would not be running the Frostbite rendition of the game the same as the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. So it appears as if EA's support for the Switch may not be as full-fledged as it is for the other eighth-gen twins.

Since so much of The Journey featuring Alex Hunter runs on the Frostbite, it also means that the Switch won't be receiving the sequel to The Journey starring Alex Hunter. Major bummer for Switch fans. However, Switch owners will be able to participate in the revamped and revitalized Career Mode mode. I do wonder if this means the Career Mode will be akin to FIFA 16 or FIFA 17 and lack some of the more finer cinematic touches being added to FIFA 18?

So far Electronic Arts is looking to push the envelop forward with all of its games, adding a more cinematic flair to each of its titles. EA Sports and Tiburon Studios also took the cinematic advancements that were made in last year's FIFA and applied it to Madden NFL 18 with the Longshot story mode, which featured two young upstarts looking to become football prospects by attempting to make it into the NFL draft.

For FIFA 18, you'll be able to experience the brand new story mode, the revamped Career Mode, and the other modes on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, along with some of the features implemented into the Nintendo Switch version, starting September 29th.

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