With PAX West in full swing at Seattle, Washington, a lot of new games, upcoming games, and previously released games are on display from a variety of exhibitors. One of the new titles that was given the full promo treatment was White Owls Inc., The Good Life, and, coming from the mind behind Deadly Premonition__, it's just as insane as you may have been expecting.

Famed developer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro is known for some crazy ideas being implemented into some really oddball games. Well, for The Good Life, the trailer starts by first reminding gamers that this is a game from the developer of Deadly Premonition before setting up the premise.

The game takes place in a rural English village, out and way from the bustling city life of London, or the metropolitan panache of Manchester. It explains that a photographer from New York is seeking to turn her life around by visiting the happiest town in the world.

During this introduction to the game's premise, we're getting some real-life shots of English countrysides and roads, all while some dramatic music plays in the background.

After about 40 seconds in the trailer takes a slightly different turn where the photographer starts cursing and complaining about not getting cell service, not having access to the internet, and basically being out in the boondocks of England.

Stylistically, the game mixes low-poly visuals with a paper-shader look. So it almost appears as if The Good Life is like paper mache come to life. It's not a style everyone will take to, but it's like a brighter, happier, non-Soviet version of The Tomorrow Children for the PlayStation 4.

The trailer is actually pretty hilarious, as we see a number of clips of the photo journalist running through the sheep pastures, complaining about a lack of Starbucks, grumpily complaining about the rural life, and pretty much throwing a conniption over being away from the urban chaos of New York.

Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of her complaining with the idyllic countryside of the English town is quite funny. The game actually looks really relaxing in some ways. The frame-rate and design seem to purposefully mimic claymation, which is an interesting design choice. It reminds me of games like The Neverhood and Armikrog with the low FPS imitating classical hand-animated works.

We then get to see more of the gameplay, which involves a series of mini-games including mining, fishing, working in the fields, and other odd-jobs that players will take on in order to pay off her debt and get back to New York.

The trailer also introduces the most bizarre aspect of the game: turning into a cat at night. I'm not really sure what you do as a cat other than roam around, sleep and hunt rats, but it's in there. Also, there's apparently a murder-mystery at the heart of the story to solve. Classic Swery.

The crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life is currently live over on Fig.

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