Destiny 2

With Hurricane Harvey causing absolutely massive damage across parts of Texas, various organizations are getting together to help create relief efforts to help those in need. Even Bungie is getting in on the charity effort by allowing Destiny 2 players to purchase an item for in-game use that also helps the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

There's a store page on Bungie's website where Destiny 2 players can purchase a Bungie Foundation collectible pin that comes with an emblem. The item isn't available just yet in the game, but it can be pre-ordered for $14.99.

The physical emblem comes with an in-game code, delivered with the pin package. The pin itself features three hearts, a larger one with two smaller ones attached on the top left hand side. The collectible pin is for those ages 10 and up, and the redemption code on the package will allow you to add the heart to your wardrobe.

The emblem is exclusive only to Destiny 2 as far as game accommodations are concerned. The money spent on the heart pin and emblem will go toward the DirectRelief foundation, which is currently accepting donations for those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. DirectRelief staff have been sending out vaccines and other medicines to help aid those dealing with the massive flooding and being without a home to stay in during these trying times.

Bungie is making 15,000 of these collectible pins available, which means that, in total, the company will be donating about $210,000 to DirectRelief. However, that will just be from the first batch of pins. The site notes that additional pins are being produced and will be made available throughout October.

Now, if you wanted to get your hands on the heart emblem but didn't want a physical pin, you're in a bit of a pickle, because Bungie is not selling the Destiny 2 emblem separate from the pin. So don't expect to grind one out and get your hands on it anytime soon.

For now, this is being used as a way to help get gamers interested in Activision and Bungie's first-person shooter and to enact a bit of activism in helping with the relief effort underway for Texans, as well as those prepping for the landfall of Irma this weekend.

For those of you worried about whether the funds will actually be used to help those affected by Harvey, DirectRelief makes it known on the page front and center that 100% of donations go toward the relief effort, and will not be diverted into other causes.

You can order up to 10 of the Bungie Collectible Pins from the Bungie Store. If the pins are all sold out, more will be coming in during mid-October.

Destiny 2 is available right now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners. The sci-fi sequel will also make its debut for the first time on PC starting at the end of October. Many gamers have been excited to get in on the action, but some server queues are slowing the process down for some. Nevertheless, you could always spend some time scoping out the pin and contemplating donating to the effort while you wait in the server queue line.

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