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Proving, once again, that everything is better in Japan, the live action launch trailer for Destiny 2 features everything you should expect out of the game including cool guns, pesky aliens to shoot and a dance off of epic proportions.

To be clear, the live action launch trailer for Destiny 2 that hit the airwaves here in the States last week was pretty fantastic, too. It featured some fun banter from Nathan Fillion, a rockin' tune from the Beastie Boys and a bunch of rad action sequences guaranteed to get you ready to jump into the game.

Japan, though, pulled out all of the stops with their three-minute ode to one of the Destiny universe's most sacred traditions: shaking your money maker.

What I love most about this trailer is that it perfectly demonstrates the absurdity of in-game dancing. We open on a hill with a Warlock and a Titan, sniping enemies in the distance. As the gun's scope slides across the landscape, we find a lone Hunter dancing by his lonesome. And I'm not just talking wall flower dancing here. The dude is absolutely working it and, again, he's completely alone. There's no point in asking why this particular Hunter is engaging in this particular activity. This is Destiny we're talking about, where you never need a reason to let yourself become overtaken by the spirit of dance.

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Anyway, when the Warlock and Titan join the Hunter, the Lord of the Dance pumps up the volume and an all-out groove-a-thon unfolds. Guardians of all walks show up to cut a rug, forgetting for a moment that they're supposed to be joining the Red War and the fight to overthrow an invading space rhino named Ghaul.

The trailer ends by calling Destiny 2 a "freestyle playground," which rings true if you've ever dropped into the game. From single player missions to cooperative Strikes and multiplayer showdowns, there's a lot to explore in the Destiny universe long after the campaign's credits roll.

And, in case you forgot, Destiny 2 launched yesterday and is already receiving some high praise from various outlets. There aren't many (if any) full reviews just yet since many of the game's features are rolling out over the next week, but everyone seems to be having a grand ole time.

Thinking back, it shouldn't really surprise me that this Japanese trailer is so fantastic. That's the same country which produced a live action trailer for the original Destiny in which a guy shows up to a laundromat dressed as a Guardian, soot-covered and sweating from recent warfare, to give a blockbuster movie caliber speech about why his pals should join him in the fight to save the world. You keep being you, Japan, and we'll keep loving you for it.

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