Madden NFL 18

Gamers who aren't located in Florida probably think that there's nothing to think about for them when it comes to the impact of Hurricane Irma. I mean, if you're not in the Miami area you're probably thinking that you're safe and sound, and, mostly, you'd be right. But, it appears some of your favorite online games might be affected by the hurricane passing through Florida.

According to Polygon, EA Tiburon is located in the area where the hurricane is expected to pass by. The studio decided not to take any chances and opted to bail out of the studio throughout the weekend and Monday, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to Irma.

The possible devastation of the hurricane on EA's studios hasn't been properly gauged, but it's obviously best to play it safe rather than sorry. That's not to mention that there were mandatory evacuation orders given to ensure that everyone got out of the area safely.

Now, you're probably wondering exactly why it matters that EA Tiburon is evacuating the premises and what it has to do with online gaming. Well, the thing is, EA Tiburon is responsible for helping work on Madden NFL 18. Specifically, the studio handled the story mode called Longshot, which stars T.J. Lemon and Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights fame.

EA Tiburon is responsible for working on NBA Live 18, as well. So, gamers may have to keep an eye out in case the online portions of either game goes down during Irma's run through south Florida.

As noted in the article by Polygon, NBA Live 18 actually isn't out quite yet, and is due for release first for EA Access owners on Friday, September 15th on Xbox One. So, hopefully, the hurricane doesn't persist so long that it keeps Tiburon out of the offices throughout the week, otherwise it could prove to be problematic for those of you out there looking to get in some game time with NBA Live 18.

One of the benefits of being able to access the game early through the EA Access subscription is being able to check out all of the game's features from top to bottom without having to worry about online queues, waiting, or dealing with launch-day lag, which is usually an inevitable possibility whenever a large game launches.

In the case of Madden NFL 18, the game launched back during the latter half of August, specifically on August 25th. The game features for the first time ever the inclusion of a cinematic-oriented story mode called Longshot. Now, you don't have to be online to play Longshot, so that's obviously not a problem. However, the My Ultimate Team and other Franchise modes could end up being affected if there are any mishaps when it comes to the online portion of the game.

As noted in the article, things are so far so good when it comes to accessing the online modes. It would be a real shame if the servers took a hit just as the NFL season got underway and gamers are inevitably going to want to take advantage of the hype by playing the game online. Of course, it's good EA Tiburon decided to put safety first and avoid any unnecessary risks as Irma passes through.

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