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The fries versus nuggets Splatfest promo

Which is better: McDonalds' chicken nuggets or french fries? That very question has finally been answered in Japan utilizing the most reliable system known to man: A Splatoon 2 Splatfest. And based on those irrefutable results, nuggets have taken the crown.

Look, I hear you, and I agree: McDonalds' fries are clearly better than their nuggets. But opinions don't amount to much when you've got the cold, hard science of a Splatoon 2 Splatfest disputing your stance.

Japan is no stranger to sponsored Splatoon events and McDonald's recently got in on the fun with a showdown of their own. The question was a simple one, but one that has been argued for years beyond counting: Do the fries or nuggets reign supreme? If you think that's a kind of odd pairing, we should note that, in Japan, nuggets are traditionally served as a side rather than a main course. So rather than ordering 20 nugs and an order of fries like we do here in the States, the Japanese are more likely to order a Big Mac and a side of four nuggets.

According to Polygon, the results were pretty freaking close in two of the three categories a Splatfest takes into account. A whopping 71 percent of Splatoon 2 players in Japan said they prefer fries to nuggets while 51 percent of solo and 51 percent of team matches went to team nugget. That means nuggets won by a 2-1 margin.

If you're familiar with more recent Splatfest showdowns, you'll understand why these results were somewhat controversial. Something very similar happened in the U.S. recently, with mayonnaise narrowly trumping ketchup in two of the three categories. In the popularity contest, though, ketchup won by a landslide.

The issue here is that you play for your chosen team during the actual Splatfest event. So if a team has far more players on its side, then many of their matches will count for nothing. In other words, if you're on the team with fewer members, you'll likely play exclusively against your rival team. As was the case in the ketchup versus mayo Splatfest, however, most ketchup players found themselves playing other teams of ketchup players. There simply were nowhere near enough teams on the minority side to go around.

I can't be too upset about these results, though, as Marina was fighting for team nugget and she's clearly the best in-game idol. I can't tell you how conflicted I was fighting for that trash-baby, Pearl, when representing team flight in our most recent Splatfest.

As a note to McDonald's: We yanks would love a chance to weigh in on this particular debate through Splatoon 2 combat, if you feel like sponsoring round two.

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