Guardians prepare for battle in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 servers went down today for scheduled maintenance, but have taken a bit longer than expected to get back online. Based on what we're seeing around the internet, fans are taking it pretty hard.

With an online game like Destiny 2, it's not uncommon for servers to undergo maintenance every week or so. Developers typically schedule this work in advance and let players know what to expect. After being on the market just a week, the game underwent its first scheduled maintenance today. It was supposed to be back up and running by now, but Bungie has announced a couple of delays as they continue to iron things out behind the scenes.

While most folks seem to be understanding of this type of regular maintenance, some seem to be slipping into a deep, all-consuming well of depression brought on from prolonged disconnection from the game. Here are some of our favorite reactions.

Obviously, this isn't something to worry about. Bungie has been doing this for a long time and, no matter how good the developer is, sometimes these things take longer than expected. That's even more likely when a game is as fresh as Destiny 2. The weekly reset is a part of all of this nonsense, too, so we aren't super surprised that things have apparently gotten more complicated than anticipated. Unless our timing is off, players should find a bunch of new activities to jump into once the game goes back online and, starting Wednesday, folks will finally be able to jump into the game's first Raid (assuming you've reached a high enough Light level, of course).

Based on the most recent update from Bungie, the servers should be back up and running by the time this story goes live. There should also be a patch measuring about 5GB available, too.

To help move things along, Bungie has offered a couple pieces of advice for when the servers are back online. For starters, if you see that folks are playing Destiny 2 and you can't seem to log back in, try clearing out your console's cache and rebooting the system completely before trying again. Also, if you happen to get the "Sheep" error code, you or a Fireteam member may not have installed the latest software. Be sure to double check that before freaking out.

Anyway, good luck holding out, Guardians. We're sure we'll all be back in the loving embrace of Destiny 2 shortly. If things get worse, the only way to appease the server gods is to consume more of those promotional Pop-Tarts and energy drinks. Be sure to do your part.

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