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Final Fantasy XV is already a big game, and it's continuing to grow on a regular basis thanks to constant content drops, new modes and the like. The game will be even bigger when it finally launches on PC next year, with plans to implement player-created content. This is a big step for Square Enix, and one game Director Hajime Tabata seems to be at least a little anxious about.

The folks at Gamespot had a sit-down with Tabata during PAX West last week, grilling the FFXV head on everything from the game's launch, to the DLC that has already arrived and that which is coming somewhere down the road. There are still some story-driven chapters due out soon, after all, as well as the game's highly-anticipated multiplayer mode. And with the recent cross-promotion with the upcoming Assassin's Creed game, there's really no telling what Square Enix might reveal next.

The PC crowd will be able to get in on all of that action in early 2018, along with platform-specific enhancements like player-created content. According to Hajime Tabata, Square Enix decided to include some tool sets because they are an expected component of the platform these days. If all goes well, it sounds like the team is planning to open up mods even wider further into the year.

Well, we'll definitely be allowing user-generated content for players. We know that that's a common thing. We'll provide a level editor so that players can create their own quests and their own mini missions. So that's at least one type of thing that we want to contribute and give to the players. But as far as the other stuff, we'll look at how the PC audience reacts to the Windows Edition with these and how many of them actually engaging with it. And depending on that, we might start thinking about what to contribute or what other tool sets to provide. We have plans for months, but we want to see how this takes off first. Before we start thinking about okay, maybe if people seem to like this, so let's give them this tool set.

So, no, it doesn't sound like you'll be able to craft a beloved Final Fantasy (Or GTA) city within FFXV and populate it with members of The Avengers, but at least a sliver of modding tools will be on hand in the game's early stages for PC. If that player-created content really takes off, maybe folks will be given the ability to get more creative with their creations.

Square Enix is a pretty traditional company, but they've proven with Final Fantasy XV that they're willing to try new things. The inclusion of mods on PC, no matter how light, is another solid step in that direction.

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