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Heroes of the Storm Ana & Junkrat

Blizzard hasn't forgotten about Heroes of the Storm. We haven't heard much about the MOBA from Blizzard but recently the game was on the receiving end of a brand new announcement about a new map and some new characters set to arrive in the game.

Over on the official Heroes of the Storm website, the company announced that there is a plethora of new content scheduled to arrive soon for the free-to-play MOBA, including two new heroes from Overwatch. Fans of Junkrat and Ana will be able to make use of the two characters. Ana brings her veteran sniper skills to the table, along with Junkrat, the junker demolitionist, who is labeled as an "unpredictable assassin" on the update page.

We don't get any details on the on how the character skills will work out, but we do know that Ana won't just appear in the game without a few extra accessories. The Overwatch sniper will be available with an extra skin known as a Shrike Skin. That's not the only skin being added to Blizzard's eSports-friendly MOBA. Varian will also receive a new Russian themed skin known as Commander Varian.

There are also three new sprays being added to the game, one of which seems to be themed around Ana, while three new emoji sets will also be added to the game. Two of the emoji sets are based on the two new characters, Ana and Junkrat.

Additionally, the new stage for the game will be based on Overwatch's Assault on Volskaya Foundry. The map and characters were outlined in a brand new cinematic that Blizzard put together for the update. You can check it out below.

The cinematic also contains a brief snippet of gameplay from the new map, which looks like something out of a Nintendo Switch game. Anyway, we do get to see some of Junkrat's explosives in action, along with Ana sniping from all the way across the map.

There are conveyor belts that will affect mobility depending on if you walk over them or not, as well as a giant robot to help disrupt the flow of gameplay between the two teams.

The map definitely draws a lot of its lore from the Overwatch universe, but it appears to be finely tuned to fit into the gameplay mold of Heroes of the Storm.

The two additional characters hopping over from Blizzard's latest first-person shooter will join other characters from the game, including Tracer, Lucio, Zarya, D.Va, and Genji.

Blizzard seems to be pulling a lot of content from Overwatch lately, likely in a bid to help promote the popularity of Heroes of the Storm. For those who regularly play the game, you can look for the new content to arrive soon in the MOBA.