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The first major gameplay trailer for WWE 2K18 has been revealed, not just showing small snippets from a match or an intro here and there, but some actual, legitimate in-game play that spans from in the ring to backstage and everywhere in between.

2K Games had the trailer published over on IGN's YouTube channel. It covers two whole minutes worth of content, including a variety of different entrances for the superstars. Some of the intros look great, such as Sheamus and Nikki Bella.

A few of the sequences almost look real, such as when Big Cass takes Enzo for a ride and tosses him clean over the top rope. And then we have Triple H, John Cena, and a few other top superstars getting some screen time in the WWE 2K18 trailer.

We see Kevin Owens putting AJ Styls into a barricade, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman exchanging blows while fighting near an ambulance (an obvious reference to the ambulance match they had at Great Balls of Fire), and we get to see both versions (albeit briefly) of Finn Balor and his Demon King persona.

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A few of the new faces for this year's outing (who aren't included as DLC), such as Shinsuke Nakamura, make an appearance. The King of Strong Style gets a few clips here and there, along with Jinder Mahal, who is the current WWE Champion, but probably won't be for long once Hell in a Cell arrives.

We get more of Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman going at it, with a nice little clip of Strowman prepping to the table to put Brock through it, just like at Summerslam.

A few other really notable points in the trailer include Bayley, who almost looks like a carbon copy of the real-life superstar, and The Undertaker. The Undertaker in particular is probably the best he's ever looked in a WWE 2K game. His entrance with the smoke and fire is really something.

With the backstage areas being a big part of the gameplay in WWE 2K18, the trailer also puts a big focus on it, including showing players being able to stand on the vehicles in the back and do moves on them, which includes AJ Styles doing the Styles Clash on Baron Corbin on top of the limousine roof, which causes a crashing noise and the alarm to sound.

Carrying on the tradition that was present in WWE 2K16 and WWE 2K17, many of the legends are also back, including The Ultimate Warrior, who looks identical to the way Jim Hellwig portrayed the character for so many years back during the 1980s and 1990s.

The trailer is perfectly put together and makes WWE 2K18 look super hyped for its October 17th release on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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