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Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has plans on continuing to support Final Fantasy XV long after the game's original launch back in late 2016. The company has committed to that with the latest update, which has been made available right now for home consoles.

According to Gamespot, the new update for the JRPG actually adds more to the lore that Tabata and the crew had introduced in Final Fantasy XV. The update for the game introduces a bit of a backstory on the Astral War. Interestingly enough, Square decided to tuck the story update into Chapter 12 of the main campaign mode, which is the chapter just ahead of the dreaded Chapter 13 where Noct gets stripped of his powers and separated from the boy band, resulting in a stealth-run through the Empire's facility where he attempts to rescue Prompto and unleash his full power.

One of the side-quests from the original game called "Aftermath of the Astral War" had the boys going to the Taelpar Crag where Prompto snapped some photos of the former war zone. Gamespot notes that in the main game there were only references and hints about the war in the main game, but nothing directly explaining what happened. This is almost similar to how the main crux surrounding King Lucis was only explained in the CGI film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Some gamers weren't fond of the fact that so many elements of the story were located outside of the main game, especially with the entire precursor of the main story taking place in Kingsglaive. However, Square seems to have gotten the hint this time around and have put time and effort into fleshing out the rest of the game's lore within the actual game.

The update doesn't just add some additional story quests in Chapter 12, it also adds some other fixes and updates to the game as well to improve the overall experience. The main issue that some people have is that you'll have to completely replay Chapter 12 in order to experience the new content. I don't know how you feel about replaying Final Fantasy XV, but that's sort of what Square is going for with the update.

Additionally there have also been some tweaks to the Chocobo Festival, which is coming to an end. If you haven't managed to get in on the event, it's probably best to do so now before it's too late. The collaboration with Ubisoft with the Assassin's Creed festival is also still going on at the moment, and it will continue to persist up until January 31st, 2018 next year. So if you happened to miss out on it but you wanted to get in on the action, you still have all of fall and some of winter to do so. The multiplayer update is also scheduled to go live in October.

The news about the update has been received with a bit of a mixed bag from gamers. Keep in mind that some gamers feel as if the $60 purchase should have guaranteed them everything upfront. Others have resolved to say that this is the reason why you wait for the GOTY edition of the game so that you don't run into the problem of having to pay extra or wait years later for the full version.

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