Destiny 2

Bungie has introduced an all new raid challenge for Destiny 2 known as the Prestige Raid. This is a next level challenge for the most ardent of players and the most skilled of teams. This mode is so difficult that the developers aren't expecting many players to be able to complete the raiding challenge due to the hardships it will present.

The news was made over on the official Bungie website, where the developers revealed it during the weekly recap of events. One of the topics covered in the post is about a new iteration of the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid. The new Raid difficulty setting is called Prestige, and Bungie doesn't expect everyone to succeed.

The Prestige Raid is an all new player-vs-environment challenge for teams looking to get in on the action and take on a far more difficult version of the already challenging Leviathan Raid.

Obviously, with a higher difficulty setting players are likely curious what sort of unique new rewards will be included in the run. Well, it turns out that Bungie doesn't want to say. What the developers say instead is that only minor mechanical changes have been made to the encounters, and that the focus is more-so on mastering a more "punishing sandbox."

The idea isn't to just give players more experience points and loot drops, but Bungie stated that the Prestige Raid is about giving players unique rewards. Sadly, the screenshot that's on display on the site doesn't say what the rewards are other than "Powerful Gear."

You will, however, need a character with 300 or more power if you want to stand a chance in the run. Of course, power is just one small facet of the requirements to make it out in one piece (or mostly one piece) in the Leviathan Raid.

As many guides and walkthroughs have revealed, the Destiny 2 run is absolutely brutal and is a strict exercise in both teamwork and timing.

Players will not only have to utilize their precision aim to take down massive amounts of enemy NPCs, but there are also segments that involve quick reflexes and keen foresight. For instance, one of the challenges includes having to jump over and hop through holes in the wall while running through a gauntlet. While that might not seem too bad, your teammates have to quickly disable force-fields covering the holes you have to jump through.

Another segment involves facing off against a boss in two separate areas at the same time, with one team having to slowly move forward along with an energy beam while another group of players have to continue to battle his minions. If either group messes up just once the entire run will get wiped.

Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid is already billed as one of the hardest from the Destiny series, if not the hardest. Adding an additional layer of difficulty through the Prestige Raid is likely going to highlight only the best of the best that Destiny 2's community has to offer.

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