Oculus Go

If the whole VR craze has you interested in the tech but you just can't get over the steep price, there's a new Oculus headset on the way that's a lot smaller, reduces the cable-cord overhead, and also costs just a fraction of what the bigger PC version costs.

Over on the Oculus website, the company announced that the Oculus Go is its newest outing in the line of VR headsets, and it will only run you $199.99 when it launches in early 2018. That's a heck of a lot cheaper than one of the cheapest premium VR headsets on the market, the PlayStation VR.

There is no exact release date in mind, but the release window is set for "early 2018", likely positioning the headset to arrive either at the end of winter or beginning of spring, between the first and second quarter of next year.

The trick to the device is that for $199 you get the Oculus Go headset, which is a smaller version of the Oculus Rift, and it comes with a motion-based positional controller, similar to the one that Samsung's Gear VR uses. The controller is not like the current Oculus Touch controllers, but is instead a lot closer to the likes of Nintendo's Nunchuks for the Wii. It comes with a wrist-strap, a haptic thumb pad similar to the HTC Vive's controllers, a trigger, and a start and home button.

The Oculus Go also is designed using breathable fabrics, and was made to be lightweight and comfortable, and also works with those who wear glasses. You also don't need an Android phone like you do for other portable VR headsets like the Gear VR or Google's Daydream.

So what can you use the Oculus Go with? Basically many of the same apps that work with the Oculus Rift. This means you can watch your favorite Netflix shows with the Go, check out movies on Hulu, read the New York Times, or even play games.

Now the games don't look as if they are the same as the ones you can get from the Oculus Store or the ones compatible with SteamVR. There are a handful of games that will be available at launch, but I've never heard of any of them, including Ultrawings, Rangi, Ashar Wars 2, and A Night Sky.

On the promotional page, you won't find any of the popular Oculus Studios outings that have been made available for Oculus Rift users over the past two years. However, don't be surprised in the short films are still made available in some capacity. Due to the Oculus Go's controller not having the full functionality of the Oculus Touch controllers, there's likely going to be limitations on what you'll be able to play.

There is a brief advertisement for some online social games that players will be able to engage in, so it looks like Oculus and Facebook may be aiming to tap into the casual crowd.

If, however, you would prefer the bigger, badder experience offered up by its older sibling, the Oculus Rift, the VR headset is still available at the discounted price of $399.99, and it comes with the Oculus Touch controllers.

Otherwise, gamers looking for an affordable, high-end VR device, you can look for the Oculus Go to launch early next year for $199.99.

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