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Ubisoft released the official launch trailer for Assassin's Creed: Origins in preparation for its release this Friday on October 27th. The trailer hammers home exactly what gamers can expect from the sprawling new adventure title set within ancient Egypt, featuring some exciting and dynamic moments. Take a look.

The two minute video starts with a disclaimer that the trailer is all in-game footage captured in 4K. We then get a brief look at Bayek's bird flying across the desert, along with some paintings inside a pyramid.

A voiceover talks about the legend spreading while we get to see Bayek dispatching a Roman soldier using his expert melee skills. The clips then move on toward Bayek fighting a giant war elephant using a bow and arrow, and then we get to see some in-game clips of Bayek utilizing his stealth to take out another guard.

Meanwhile, the voiceover talks about Bayek being unseen and going where the gods forbid, giving us a look at some of the ancient tombs you'll be able to explore in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

We then get to see Bayek fighting in the arena mode, where he will fight against a number of villains and warriors. The trailer then gets back on track about the creation of the Assassin's Guild, where we learn that the foundations are built on spreading freedom to the masses.

There are also a few cool scenes where we see Bayek running down the side of a pyramid and firing arrows at enemies down below.

A collection of clips then showcase the game's various types of combat encounters against animals, in chariots, and against armies.

Unlike the previous Assassin's Creed outings, the newest game focuses on a completely overhauled combat system where players will no longer use the puppeteer controls that were popularized in the earlier Assassin's Creed titles. Instead, the developers made the newest game much closer to the likes of From Software's Dark Souls series. This means that combat is hit-target based as opposed to target-pairing based. Players will have to manually dodge and string together their combos like a typical hack-and-slash game.

Everything else is mostly still the same from the Assassin's Creed series, including being able to openly explore the world, hitch a ride across various types of transportation, and performing stealth kills to avoid being spotted. One of the new features, however, is looting weapons and items scattered across the game world, which should prove to add a lot of replayability to the game.

You can look for Assassin's Creed: Origins to go live at the end of the week for home consoles and PC. You can learn more about the features by visiting the official website.