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Amazon's Breakaway Is Going Through Major Changes

(Image credit: Amazon)
(Image credit: Amazon)

The multiplayer PvP arena game that Amazon is bankrolling called Breakaway has been in alpha testing throughout the summer. The game, however, will be undergoing some major changes but not in the way that you think.

Over on the official Breakaway website, Amazon announced that Breakaway's alpha test revealed some major changes, fixes, and upgrades that need to be made, and therefore the game will not be releasing anytime soon.

The post explains that after having received feedback during the alpha test, the developers have had to go back to the drawing board to fix some of the issues, and now the team doesn't know exactly when the game will make it back into the public sphere.

One major upside, however, is that the Breakaway team has made it known that the feedback that it received during the alpha test from gamers offered some much-needed pointers on what was wrong with the game, and what needed to be fixed.

The post itself doesn't explicitly say what the team working at Amazon will do to rectify the problems that were pointed out during the closed alpha tests, but apparently the fixes that are required will mean no more alpha test matches during this time. Gamers will basically have to stay tuned in to find out when the game will be coming back.

The last major update before the post was made was last month on September 7th. The patch contained a number of fixes for certain attacks, a buff up in the netcode to improve overall network bandwidth, and some modifications to the damage output by various characters.

The most interesting change in the last patch back in September was disabling the AI versus mode against the bots. The reason for that change wasn't explained, but it may have fallen to some more serious issues with gameplay balance that needed to be reworked.

Breakaway itself is themed after many other third-person MOBA-style games such as Paladins, or Smite. However, Breakaway is not a MOBA game. You won't go in expecting to take over towers and use teamwork like in Dota 2 or Heroes of the Storm. Instead the game is played like Unreal Tournament's ball mode, where the objective is to get the relic into the opposing team's base.

It's a unique new PvP game designed to attract the eSports crowd, but Amazon still has a long ways to go before it gets there, especially if the game's alpha testing is being delayed as the team reworks key aspects of the game.

So far there is no release window set for the game, much less a release date. The game does have a long ways to go before release based on the post made by the team, but I imagine the developers are hoping to get the game up and out as soon as possible. If it works as intended, Breakaway could be a big rival to the current crop of MOBAs out there... assuming all the hiccups are ironed out and all the feedback results in a polished and finished product.

Will Usher

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